FLEET Manager column: electric vehicles and Australia’s heavy vehicle health check

By intouch * posted 10-10-2016 11:48


Hello everyone and welcome to the October 2016 issue of FLEET intouch.

Electric vehicles are continually evolving and increasingly becoming part of the global fleet car park. The idea of electric vehicles is not new with the first electric car built way back in 1821 with a range of around 20 miles (talk about rage anxiety). However, the advent of (relatively) low cost and convenient mineral based fuels impeded progress of EV development during the 20th century. Not so in recent years. Nowadays, most if not all manufacturers are developing or already offering electric variants, whether this be a plug-in, hybrid or combination configuration. But it’s just not cars – electric buses and trucks are also penetrating the market.

In this issue we look at the introduction of Electric Blu buses at Sydney airport and a major project underway at Avalon airport to transform aircraft hangers into a manufacturing plant for Avass electric buses. We also look at how Hino Hybrid trucks are well and truly entrenched in the City of Darwin.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is progressing with its Roadworthiness Survey and IPWEA will be holding Road Regulator sessions as part of our November Plant and Vehicle Management Workshops to provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and get information first hand.

Remember, if you have a question or comment about fleet management, why not Ask Your Mates. The AYM forum is a great way to benefit from the collective knowledge of the IPWEA Fleet Community.

Rob Wilson