Find the best public works jobs and employees with Hoopla4Jobs

By intouch * posted 03-05-2016 16:08


Do you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest jobs on offer in the public works sector? Are you looking to fill a position within your organisation, and only want applications from highly-qualified candidates who understand the industry?

Launching 1 June, IPWEA CEO Robert Fuller says Hoopla4Jobs is an industry-specific, niche IPWEA-owned job board that will be a game-changer for job-seekers and employers alike in the Australian and New Zealand infrastructure industry.

“IPWEA is continually looking for ways to support its members’ careers and strengthen relationships within the industry,” he says. “Hoopla4Jobs is a natural extension of that. After months of development, we are confident that Hoopla, as we call it, is a best-practice proposition for job seekers and employers.”

Provider YourMembership is the largest driver of niche boards in the world, powering more than 2600 boards across the US, the UK and Australia.

Jamie Williams from YourMembership says Hoopla will be a one-stop shop for matching infrastructure professionals with infrastructure jobs.

“For job seekers, they can go to Hoopla, and they’re going to effectively be able to see just about every relevant job going within public works,” he says.

Williams says, overwhelmingly, the feedback from employers who advertise on association job boards is that every person who applies is someone they would want to interview – a stark contrast to the inundation of unqualified candidates a post on a general site like will receive.

“If you’re also looking for staff, you will not get nearly as many people looking at the jobs as you would if you go on Seek,” Williams says. “But the thing is, every person who looks at that job is in public works. You might get only 10 to 15 applications but the applicants will be excellent, not 150 in the first hour as can be the case with Seek.

“It saves huge amounts of time going through CVs that are not applicable.”

Figures from the US shows association job boards tap into what is often called the “passive market”, which accounts for 85% of the industry.

“There’s 85% of the market which only associations are able to access for employers, and that’s the passive job seeker,” Williams explains. “They are the people who, while not actively looking for a new job, would seize the opportunity to move their career to the next level if you put the job in front of them, or move from a job they’re not 100% happy in.”

Williams adds providing a job board is in the DNA of an association like IPWEA.

“About 80% of all jobs aren’t advertised,” Williams says. “That’s because those jobs are filled by internal hire, by candidates who have approached the business directly and buy referral. Associations create these referral networks that allow people to move from one job to another. They set up those situations where people can talk to each other.”

Additional services include free listings for work experience positions, tips for landing your dream job and an opportunity to have your resume professionally reviewed.