IPWEA set to deliver asset management training to North America

By Chris Champion posted 10-01-2017 09:24


The American Public Works Association (APWA) and IPWEA have announced the launch of a collaborative infrastructure management program. 

APWA and IPWEA will work together to bring an internationally recognised online education program in asset management to North America, beginning in Canada.

“Globally, the condition of our infrastructure is in decline and we need to practice asset management to work proactively toward solutions,” APWA President, Ron Calkins, P.E., PWLF said. “APWA is supporting the delivery of the 

“APWA is supporting the delivery of the IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning, initially to our Canadian members, through our associated Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA).”

“Capacity building in municipal asset management is a priority for the Government of Canada,” CPWA President Andrew Stevenson said. “CPWA recognised this need and has been working with IPWEA’s training arm, NAMS Canada, to bring its 20 years of experience in sustainable asset management to the municipal and public works infrastructure sectors in Canada.”

“IPWEA’s online Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning is an internationally recognised program. It provides the unique opportunity to write an organisation’s asset management plan and earn a qualification at the same time,” IPWEA Australasia President Ross Goyne said.

The joint international program builds on the face-to-face workshops that IPWEA’s NAMS Canada has been delivering for several years in association with local communities of practice, particularly across western Canada. NAMS Canada is recognised by the Engineering Institute of Canada as a quality provider of Continuing Education Units.

The Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning is delivered as eight modules over 10 weeks and goes beyond the eight webinars to deliver an interactive online program using the Cahoot education platform. The next course commences March 6, 2017, and registration is now open.

For further IPWEA information: www.ipwea.org/ProCertAMPlanning, or contact Chris Champion, Director International, IPWEA at: chris.champion@ipwea.org, or +61 407 207 934.

For CPWA information: contact Anne Jackson, CPWA Advocacy at: ajackson@apwa.net, or 202 218 6750. 

For APWA/CPWA Media queries, contact Laura Bynum, Media Relations/Communications Manager at: lbynum@apwa.net, or 202 218 6736.



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