Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019

Anyone providing a professional engineering service in or for Victoria is regulated by the PER Act 2019. Civil engineering service providers have required registration since 1 October 2022 which must be renewed every three years.


Under the Victorian government’s co-regulatory model, registration and renewal under the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 is a 2-step process:

  1. Assessment entities will:
    • assess an applicant’s qualifications and experience under an Assessment Scheme approved by Victoria’s Business Licensing Authority
    • audit Continuing Professional Development activity of professional engineers selected by the Business Licensing Authority under an approved Assessment Scheme
  1. The Business Licensing Authority will:
    • approve and revoke the approval of assessment schemes
    • receive advice from an assessment entity regarding an applicant’s qualifications, experience and CPD activity to determine applications for registration and renewal (probity checks inclusive of criminal history checks and matters relating to fitness to practice)
    • maintain a Register of Professional Engineers, including changes following disciplinary action
    • receive applications from professional engineers to renew their registration

IPWEA Victoria operates a BLA-approved Assessment Scheme and will accept and assess applications from anyone seeking registration in the civil area of engineering, however we are unable to provide endorsement to practise as a professional engineer in the building industry. Application requirements are set out in our Assessment Scheme and applications will be accepted from IPWEA members and non-members.

Last updated: 16 May 2024.