IPWEA WA Excellence Awards

IPWEA WA Excellence Award

Nominations Now Open!

Please refer to the attached brochure for Award categories and selection criteria.

All submissions due Friday 8 January 2021.

The IPWEA WA Awards for Excellence provide a great opportunity for the public works sector and local government to showcase individual contributions to the growth and wellbeing of the Institute, excellence in significant engineering projects, and innovative practices in traffic safety management.

We, therefore, welcome you to submit nominations for the Awards that will showcase projects you have been involved in for which there is an opportunity to receive tangible recognition. Winning entries can be used for positive promotion which, in turn, may lead to national recognition. In Western Australia, public works engineering projects of the highest calibre continue to be delivered to the community, often without due recognition. There are many reasons why projects are not submitted for consideration.

As a result, they lose out on winning awards – and more – due to default rather than a lack of industry or community recognition. The public works engineering sector deserves to be showcased and, by nominating for the awards, you are not only making your organisation’s presence felt but also benchmarking your project against the very best in industry. As such, this opportunity should not to be missed, and we urge you to submit an early nomination. We extend our best wishes to you and look forward to receiving your Award nominations.

We have only just announced it:


Best Conference Presentation as Voted by the Audience

Winner: A Unique Drainage Basin Project in West Leederville, presented by Michael Cook, Porter Consulting Engineers & Frank Strever, Town of Cambridge




IPWEA WA Excellence Award

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