2022 Award Winners


Excellence in Design and/or Construction of a Public Works Project – Civil Under $2M

Winner: City of Unley

Duthy Street

Duthy St is the City of Unley’s busiest Council owned road as well as being a major bike and bus route. The section of Duthy Street between Wattle St and Fisher St features multiple cafes and specialty shops creating significant short term parking demand and crowds of pedestrians. This section was typified by infrastructure failures requiring major remediation and upgrading.

The project included: the full reconstruction of the road to achieve safer intersections with increased visibility and improved pedestrian crossing points; permeable asphalt made of recycled rubber to infiltrate stormwater to the trees; raingardens to reduce heat island effects; new line marking to make cycling and parking safer; and innovative asphalt renewal using a geogrid system made of recycled plastic bottles.

The construction of Duthy St was difficult and limited by working around peak hour pedestrian and traffic demand, while still allowing full trade to the shops and easy access to parking. The other complexity was delivering the works using multiple contractors with Council’s existing contracts rather than one lead contractor, which prevented delays due to tendering given the tough market but required careful coordination. The project successfully achieved a street that can now accommodate full width parking, a bike passing safely, and a bus down the middle.


Excellence in Design and/or Construction of a Public Works Project – Civil $2 - $5M

Winner: City of Salisbury & Thomson Rossi

Operations Centre Upgrade

Multiple site investigations of the Operations Centre for the City of Salisbury identified that it was not fit for purpose as the site did not encourage a united workplace environment. From 2019 – 2022, in consultation with key stakeholders, the City of Salisbury and Thomson Rossi developed a brief to upgrade the Operations Centre.

It was critical for the City of Salisbury that the new facility amalgamated their employees from all sectors, uniting the staff as one Council team. Thomson Rossi developed these requirements to ensure a safe and functional layout was provided.

The refurbishment and extension provided the council with:

  • Upgraded facilities that meet the requirements of the Council and their staff
  • Access to natural daylight within the internally positioned Muster Rooms
  • Large, flexible spaces suitable for the gathering of multiple numbers, whilst still achieving small pockets of intimate collaboration or individual work spaces
  • Refurbishment of existing building stock where applicable
  • Refurbishment of the external façade
  • Strengthened work morale and internal team collaboration with shared facilities such as the multifunction / kitchen, utilities and staff entrance / lockers

The project was undertaken in a single stage for a value of $4.5m, with works completed in the 2021/22 financial year.


Excellence in Design and/or Construction of a Public Works Project – Civil Over $5M

Winner: Rural City of Murray Bridge

Sturt Reserve

Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge is a focal point for sport, recreation, major events, and access to the Murray River. Community feedback during Council’s strategic planning process listed Sturt Reserve as their highest priority for redevelopment. The Rural City of Murray Bridge (RCMB) commissioned global design specialists to develop the Sturt Reserve Master Plan that included design concepts for the various precincts while CAMCO delivered the project.

The Recreation Precinct used innovative and sustainable design principles and practices, while site narratives have given the Precinct a strong connection to residents and visitors. A new Regional Rowing Centre is a focal point of the Precinct, celebrating the historical significance of the Murray Cods rowing team as well as Olympic success of contemporary rowers.

Council’s prudential management of the project resulted in cost savings enabling subsequent project stages to be fast tracked, delivering further benefits to the community. All tiers of government were financial contributors to this project valued at $5.8M – Council, State and Federal Governments as well as a significant cash contribution from the MBRC. The community driven design has captured the historical and cultural qualities of the town with the Sturt Reserve Recreation Precinct transforming the riverfront into a dynamic, inviting and event-filled space.


Excellence in Asset Management

Winner: City of Mitcham

Spatial Clash Detection Modelling

The City of Mitcham’s Spatial Clash Detection Modelling project utilised a range of different Geospatial principles to solve a business problem and create a new benchmark for local government infrastructure planning.

Recognising inefficiencies and communication silos stemming from multiple data sources in different software systems plus staff working from home, Mitcham’s Assets team developed a spatial clash detection platform to rectify these issues and improve Council’s public works delivery. The objectives were to provide a greater level of data transparency and to identify efficiencies and opportunities within our datasets using spatial modelling.

The project involved:

  • Collating spatial data from multiple software platforms and displaying in one single GIS viewer for all staff to access, enabling them to view capital project data, operational defects, multi year asset renewal plans and planned tree planting programs.
  • Building seven clash detection models using custom built algorithms to identify overlaps between data sources. This identifies asset defects that can be resolved through capital projects and strategic opportunities via combining projects.
  • Business implementation and continual improvement of the models.

The result is an automated end-to-end system which is updated nightly using and published into a user friendly GIS viewer for all staff within the City of Mitcham to access.


Excellence in Environment and Sustainability

Winner: Campbelltown City Council

Climate Solutions Strategy

In 2020, Campbelltown City Council embarked on a journey to tackle climate change systemically after formally declaring a climate emergency. Council has since developed its Climate Solutions Strategy, and associated Action Plan and Policy. These documents set out the approach to achieving Council’s objectives for Carbon neutrality for Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025, as well as setting a target for Scope 3 emissions. Council’s inclusion of the latter has helped to drive significant changes and thinking across Council operations, particularly in relation to infrastructure projects. The documents also set out measures for adaption by taking the necessary steps to ensure resilience.

As public works and infrastructure maintenance are some of the most important services Council provides to the Community, the strategy aims to ensure that climate considerations are firmly embedded in its service delivery and future planning.

Actions implemented to date include Council’s commitment of environmentally sustainable design in its major capital works projects, and challenging the norm of typical road renewal projects by undertaking trials to understand and reduce the projects’ lifecycle emissions. Additionally, Council is providing capacity building sessions to help staff understand the importance of their work, their realm of influence, latest best practices on community and infrastructure assets’ climate resilience.


Excellence in Project Innovation

Winner: City of Salisbury & Huesker

Mawson Lakes Boulevard Upgrade

The City of Salisbury Road Network auditing process identified the need for a Mawson Lakes Boulevard upgrade, budgeted to be carried out in two sections. This work was an essential project in managing an at risk, highly block cracked pavement coming to the end of its serviceable life. By working collaboratively and identifying best practice in innovation, the full length was upgraded within the budget available. This required the removal of defective kerbing sections utilising existing road level as a base and building up the road level using pavement reinforcing technologies.

The City of Salisbury worked with Adelaide Kerbing, Fulton Hogan, Huesker and PAS Engineering to identify multiple solutions differing from traditional construction methods, and to choose the most innovative sustainable option.

In late 2021 to early 2022 rehabilitation of Mawson Lakes Boulevard was carried out using the HaTelit® C eco alternative, decreasing not only the total project costs but also total CO2 emissions and construction time, and minimizing community disruption. Only five profiling shifts along with five road resurfacing shifts were necessary to complete the project with kerb replacement commencing before the Christmas break 2021 and complete road surfacing undertaken in January 2022 before schools returned.

High Commendation: City of Mitcham & Plumbing and Pipeline

Stormwater Easement Project

In the City of Mitcham a section of a stormwater easement between the properties of Olde Coach Road and Birksgate Drive Urrbrae was causing issues for residents through flooding. PPS, who were engaged by the City of Mitcham to do an initial inspection and location of the stormwater drain, discovered that the pipeline was crushed, causing the flooding.

The access for excavation and replacement of the drainage was extremely difficult in one section and impossible in the other. After consultation with council and internally at PPS a proposal was put to council to mill out the damaged section of drain and earth around it, and reline the crushed eight metre section of pipe in one metre sections. The methodology had never been used previously but it was determined that the technology should be able to complete the works. Council accepted the proposal, and the works were completed with the upstream of the crushed section repaired using a combination of CIPP lining and pipe replacement.

The drain now performs as intended without the need for major excavation. A very constructive working relationship between council and PPS enabled the work to be successfully completed, with the community benefiting due to minimal disruption to their properties.


Excellence in Road Safety

Winner: The Barossa Council

Spanagels Bridge Upgrade, Stockwell

Spanagels Bridge, on Stockwell Road over the North Para River, is a critical infrastructure asset for vehicle transport of the majority of freight through the Barossa Region. Constructed in 1975, the bridge was no longer able to safely function, with unsafe vehicle deviations across the road centreline routinely required for larger vehicles to cross the bridge. It was decided to upgrade the bridge to the PBS Level 3A vehicle route classification, requiring the existing 7.3 metres width to be increased to 9.0 metres, with new compliant side and approach barriers.

With existing edge barriers removed, sufficient superstructure carriageway width was achieved. Innovative steel “L” shaped steel outriggers were designed to be secured under the bridge and protrude beyond the wider deck carriageway to support the new steel side barrier system for compliant lateral restraint for errant vehicles. This imaginative and cost-effective engineering solution enabled the relatively small steel outrigger units to be prefabricated off site in mass production.

Grant funding of $418,696 from the Australian Government for 50% of the Project cost was matched by The Barossa Council. Council staff managed the project, working with consultants Tonkin Engineering, WGA Engineering, North Projects and Camco SA. The completed project now allows for a safe consistent through alignment of Stockwell Road.


Emerging Leader / Individual Commitment to Local Excellence in Public Works Management

Winner: Carl Lundborg, City of Marion

Carl graduated from Adelaide University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Civil/Structural Engineering (Honours). He commenced working with the City of Mitcham in his final year of University as an Undergraduate Project Officer and after graduation continued working there until 2018, in various roles. In 2018 Carl completed a Masters degree in Infrastructure Engineering and Management then moved to the City of Marion as an Operations Engineer.

In 2021 Carl was appointed the Unit Manager of Engineering, managing a team of 11 staff and has taken on an additional role there as the After Hours Emergency Coordinator.

Carl has undertaken the IPWEA Professional Certificates in Asset Management Planning and Infrastructure Financial Management. Passionate about the community, Carl has a vision of providing improved quality of life with vibrant public spaces, socially connected and safe neighbourhoods, access to walking & cycling and public transport infrastructure.

In 2022 Carl was asked to represent IPWEA SA on the IPWEA Foundation Training (run through IPWEA Vic). He is working collaboratively with the committee to establish introductory training relevant to graduates and engineers/technical officers to increase understanding of principles and practices and enhance knowledge within the industry and sector.

On the Young IPWEA board since 2018, Carl is currently the Chair, working closely with other committee members in developing guidelines, strategies and events management.


Professional of the Year / Public Works Leader

Winner: Jude Nirmalaraja, City of Onkaparinga

Jude, a Senior Stormwater Engineer with City of Onkaparinga, is passionate about delivering multiple liveability benefits to South Australian communities through stormwater management and other engineering disciplines. He has a degree in civil engineering, a Master of Urban and Regional Planning and Post graduate Diploma in Local Government Engineering. Jude has obtained his Chartered status and Fellow status with Engineers Australia for his leadership and project management professionalism.

Jude has worked in the Local Government sector for 22 years in various roles, 7 years at the City of Marion and 15 years with the City of Onkaparinga. While with the latter, he has been responsible for stormwater management, including as Project Manager for several major projects involving innovative approaches in WSUD, Wilfred Taylor Reserve upgrade, Aldinga District Centre Streetscape, Port Noarlunga Foreshore project, and the Valiant Road Bio-filtration basin.

Jude is an active contributor to the stormwater industry and engineering profession and is passionate about mentoring the next generation of engineers and advancing stormwater practice in ways that deliver multiple benefits to society. He has been a committee member with Stormwater SA for the past 10 years and works closely with Water Sensitive SA in preparation of the MUSIC guideline for South Australia.

Over many years Jude has demonstrated his ability to undertake leadership in stormwater management planning, water quality and harvesting assessment, and drainage network design.