GV Allen Medal

Winner of GV Allen Medal Announced

The GV Allen Medal is awarded to the student(s) studying for the Bachelor of Engineering at the University of South Australia, who gain the highest aggregate marks in the subjects, Mechanics and Structures, Introductory and Environmental Geology, Civil Engineering 1 and Fluid and Energy (completed in the same year). Recipients receive $500.00, an engraved medallion, are guests at the Annual IPWEA SA Dinner, and Student Membership of IPWEA SA Division. The Medal is presented at the IPWEA SA Annual Dinner each year.

Congratulations to all GV Allen Medal Winners.

Ashley Baker

Congratulations to this Year’s Winner, Ashley Baker


2022 Ashley Baker

2021 Harry Ison

2020 Lachlan Pedder

2019 Hemmelinie Eshani Fernando

2018 Tam-An Nguyen

2017 Zhixi Zhou

2016 Manuel Martins

2015 Kwan Sin Tse

2014 Kwan Sin Tse

2013 Bholanath Dhamala

2012 Scott Lines

2011 Christopher Baird

2010 Raymond Goldring

2009 Mark Argent

2008 Eric Datko

2007 Joshua Ward

2006 Jonathon Finch

2005 Ben Harvey & James Hohneck

2004 Stephanie Magor

2003 Sarah Young & Elizabeth Hobart

2002 Matthew Ellis

2001 Jeffrey Zanker

2000 Timothy Harris