ISO Asset Management Standards 55000 Series

The ISO Asset Management Standards (55000-55002) aim to provide a global standard for management of assets.
ISO 55001 sets out the requirements for an asset management system* and provides a structured approach for more reliable decision making for the development, coordination and control of activities undertaken on assets.

This course is aimed at organisations that wish to align with the requirements of ISO 55001, working within NAMS Guidelines (which were updated in 2015 to ensure all ISO requirements were covered), however it is not intended to cover formal ISO certification and auditing processes. Alignment or certification with an internationally recognised ISO standard can provide governance and executive management with more confidence that an effective asset management system is in place.

* a management system, not just a computer-based information system.

Key Topics Explored

The course will broadly follow the ISO 55001 structure:
  • Context of the Organisation (analysing the strategic context and translating these into asset management objectives and the Strategic Asset Management Plan)
  • Leadership and Commitment (including leader’s role in providing resources, communication, cross-functional collaboration, continuous improvement and risk management)
  • Planning (addressing risks and opportunities and planning to achieve asset management objectives)
  • Resources (providing the resources required for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the AM System)
  • Operational Planning and Control (planning corrective and preventive actions, change management and outsourcing)
  • Performance Evaluation (monitoring, measuring and reporting on performance of the asset management system)
  • Improvement (identifying, prioritising and developing the improvement plan)