Funding the Gap

There is much discussion about the funding gaps or the future infrastructural deficits. This course will provide focus on what are “funding gaps”, and discuss how the infrastructural strategies that were first required to be developed as part of the 2015/25 Long Term Plan, helped define if there is a funding gap.

We will also discuss the linkage between the infrastructural and financial strategies, and whether comparing forecast depreciation and renewals is a valid comparison. What are the pitfalls in using this comparison? How can it be used?

Funding the Gap examines two fundamental aspects where infrastructure asset management and financial management intersect; what are the gaps (if any) between assessed infrastructure investment, and identified infrastructure spending.

Key Topics Explored

  • Have the gaps been adequately identified and categorised?
  • Where are the gaps?
  • Have we properly identified and categorised asset expenditure (both in the past and forecast)? How can we address or bridge the gap(s)? Under this aspect the seminar will look at;
    • Legislative provisions in the LGA 2002 on financial management and infrastructure strategies
    • Good and bad practice for infrastructure strategies
    • Key principles of financial management for infrastructure assets, including renewals and depreciation
    • Twelve funding strategy principles
    • Tactical approaches to funding the gaps
    • Communicating the gap to funding decision makers .
  • We will also look at four types of council profiles and (in case study groups) assess what gaps might be relevant for each type and ways to address the gap.

Who Should Attend

  • Asset Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Policy advisors who have a responsibility for infrastructural and financial strategies


Brian Smith

Brian is an independent consultant specialising in infrastructure management issues, including valuations, funding, and in procurement. Brian’s background is in financial auditing as well as efficiency and effectiveness reviews. Brian has presented at a variety of NAMS workshops and contributed to NAMs manuals. He has a BCom and is a qualified accountant (CA).