Writing Living & Updating Asset Management Plans


Asset Management Plans are a key planning document for organisations which deliver levels of service through assets. Complementary to the Introduction to Asset Management Course, this course is a practical how-to for writing and updating an asset management plan. It covers each topic of the asset management plan in turn - what is needed, linkages to others sections of the plan, good practice examples and how these might relate to different situations.
This course will leave participants with the ability to identify what they should focus on to get the most organisational value from their plan.

Key Topics Explored

  • What is good practice, and how is everyone else doing it?
  • What should I focus on to get the most value into my plans?
  • Legal requirements and how these can be covered in plan
  • What are Office of Auditor General and the auditors looking for?
  • What options are there for format and delivery of AMPs?
  • What organisational resource and structure is required?


Lisa Roberts, Infrastructure Decisions Limited

Lisa is a Fellow of Engineering NZ, a recognition of her career in infrastructure management.  She is an independent consultant focussed on supporting clients to improve ‘whole of business’ asset management and infrastructure resilience.  She is an expert facilitator and has project managed and co-authored all editions of the Infrastructure Management Manual, Asset Management Basics and many other publications.