Assessing & Improving AM Maturity

Course description

Drawing from the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM), and ISO 55000, this course will enable you to understand why enhancing overall asset management maturity improves linkages between the organisation’s strategy, service delivery and the infrastructure needed to provide the required level of customer service. 

This course also covers how to assess asset management maturity and develop an improvement plan that leads to the closure of identified gaps.  The course will also assist Government agencies to understand the purpose of the asset management maturity and asset performance sections of the NZ Treasury Investor Confidence Rating (ICR). 

Content covered

  • Strategic asset management, including links between strategy, levels of service and financial planning
  • Asset management maturity (AMM) as a concept and its 17 attributes
  • AMM assessment tools, including NZ Treasury’s AMM tool and the ICR process
  • Setting maturity targets for different asset classes and different business models
  • The use of the results of an AMM assessment to drive ongoing organisation improvement, including:
    - Getting organisational buy-in
    - Developing and prioritising an improvement plan across all 17 attributes
    - Continuous repetition of the investment management cycle - think, plan, do, review
    - Improving input into financial reporting on capital expenditure
    - Measuring and reporting on organisational performance

Who should attend?

Those with an interest in advancing asset management as a business process to improve level of service outcomes. This includes experienced asset managers for whom the maturity assessment process is new, aspiring or new asset managers embarking on their asset management career, financial and strategic planning staff with a role in financial and non-financial performance management.

Participant feedback

- Very relevant, useful, informative and worth attending
- Would highly recommend for organisations before they start using the ICR process
- Would highly recommend to colleagues, excellent
- exceeded my expectations - very clear and concise, good examples and interactions