Regional Groups

Public Works practitioners are responsible for the planning and delivery of public works and engineering services to the community. It is important to provide local and regional opportunities for networking and professional development.

The IPWEA (Vic) provides a range of member services that include the benefits of being able to participate in a strong and vibrant regionally based group of public works practitioners.

The opportunity to participate in a regional group will facilitate networking, sharing of information, professional development, and the ability to contribute to Local, State and National agendas.

The Regional Groups have been formed to build on the strength of our strategic alliances and reflect the existing groupings of VicRoads, MWOA and the CCF. The benefits of these arrangements are that we can work cooperatively with our alliance colleagues, which will facilitate knowledge sharing and further develop and strengthen our industry.

The Regional Groups are detailed below and you are encouraged to participate:

Regional Convenors   

Central Highlands Eric Braslis General Manager City Infrastructure
City of Ballarat 0408 051 752
Gippsland Kurt Pitts Baw Baw Shire 04 2755 6646
North East Ross Goyne Ross J Goyne Consulting 04 0979 4524
Geelong Vicki Shelton Geelong 04 3900 4994
South-West   Peter Robertson Warrnambool 0419 137 024
Wimmera Mallee Martin Duke Horsham 04 0889 2642
Murray Goulburn Brett Martini Bendigo 04 2833 7530
Metro East Chris Sfetkidis Manningham 04 1987 3287
Metro West Mauro Covacci Wyndham 04 0114 2138

The strength of the regions is the local “Convenors” who in conjunction with the IPWEA Executive Manager facilitate meetings, sponsorship and joint events that provide a focus for dissemination of ideas, discussion on relevant issues and exposure to current issues and challenges; they can also include a technical tour and special guest speaker.

Visit the photo gallery of the following regional groups by clicking on the name of the regional group photo gallery you would like to view:

For further information about the regional groups contact one of the above Convenors/Secretaries, or
IPWEAvic Office on 03 9005 0860.