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'Public Works Professional' Blog

  • IPWEA in CAHOOTS with new Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning

    IPWEA has extended its popular NAMS workshops to offer a new 'Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning’... more

  • Q&A with Ray McIndoe, Palmerston North City Council, NZ

    Former INGENIUM President and Manager of City Enterprises at Palmerston North City Council, Ray McIndoe discusses living... more

  • Retrospect: Goldfields Water Supply Scheme

    WHAT Goldfields Water Supply Scheme WHERE Mundaring to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia WHEN Constructed... more

  • Sustainability: A good news story

    A critical goal of sustainable public works will be to ‘decouple’... more

  • Stepping stones stormwater solution

    A simple, natural stormwater solution in Brisbane, Qld, that doubles as an aesthetic and playful public space. ... more

  • Troubled waters

    City West Water hit rock bottom in 2003, with the worst water main failure rate of all major water utilities in Australia.... more

  • Drinking recycled wastewater

    Recycled sewage will play a vital role in securing Australia’s drinking water supplies, says Dr Stuart Khan , Associate... more

  • My Career: Bevin Eberhardt

    After 40 years’ of dedicated service to the public works industry in Tasmania, IPWEA Emeritus Member Bevin Eberhardt... more

  • Thought Leader: Playground safety

    Internationally recognised playground safety expert David Eager reminds local government asset managers of the importance... more

  • Young IPWEA profile: Megan Bonehill

    Young IPWEA South Australia Chair Megan Bonehill says the most rewarding part of her career is working on projects with... more


Angela  Booth

Presentation to LDEG Forum 20th March 2014 in Queenstown by David Black of Downer

Angela  Booth

Presentation given to the 2014 Land Development Engineering Forum in Queenstown March 2014 by Husham...

Angela  Booth

Presentation at the 2014 Land Development Engineering Forum in Christchurch by Bryan Pidwerbesky -...

New Certificate in Asset Mgmt Planning

  • 8 modules delivered online over 10 weeks
  • Live & interactive online events
  • Coursework that develops your AM Plan
  • Hands-on use of tools & templates
  • Tools & resources to assist

Young IPWEA Update

The latest news from Young IPWEA, representing members aged 35 and under

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Upcoming Events

  1. NSW Contract Administration and Contract Law - Sydney - POSTPONED

    Apr 23 - 24
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
  2. IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning

    Apr 28 - Jun 30
  3. Powers and Responsibilities

    Apr 29, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (AET)
    Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  4. NSW Environmental Heritage (New)

    Apr 30, 8:15 AM - 5:00 PM (AET)
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
  5. Sprayed Sealing Selection & Design

    May 6 - 7
    Perth, Australia
  6. Vital Sprayed Sealing Training - SYDNEY, NSW, May 2014

    May 6 - 8
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
  7. NSW Timber Bridge Inspection and Maintenance - Lismore - Postponed

    May 7 - 8
    Lismore, NSW, Australia
  8. Sprayed Sealing Design

    May 7, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (AWT)
    Perth, Australia
  9. Supervisors Workshop, Townsville

    May 7 - 8
    Townsville, QLD, Australia
  10. Sprayed Sealing Field Procedures

    May 8, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (AWT)
    Perth, Australia
  11. 2014 Plant & Vehicle Mgt Workshop - Rockhampton

    May 12, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (AET)
    Berserker, QLD, Australia
  12. NSW 2014 Works Conference

    May 12 - 14

Most Active Members

  1. Adam Martin Mularczyk
    Adam Martin Mularczyk

    Wyong Shire Council

  2. Phil Gee
    Phil Gee

    Sugden & Gee Pty Ltd

  3. photo not available
    David Smith

    Cowra Shire Council

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Community Discussions

  • Doug  Bartlett

    Sharps Container Box Designs (Needles and Syrin...

    Posted in: Asset Management

    Hi everyone, Could you please respond if you have worked on alternative designs to the standard in-room container holder provided by the sharps...

  • photo not available

    RE:Boat Ramp Rehabilitation & Design

    Posted in: Ask Your Mates Open Forum

    Here at City of Canada Bay and our anticedant Councils we have done a number of boat ramp construction / upgrade / extension projects by pre-casting...

  • Adam Martin Mularczyk

    Speed dips instread of humps

    Posted in: Road Safety Discussion

    I have been advised that in the United States in some areas they have dips (not for stormwater conveyance) rather than speed humps. The width &...

  • photo not available

    RE:General Conditions of Contract for Design and...

    Posted in: Ask Your Mates Open Forum

    Phil: Thanks for response. A further thought - rather than use a Hold Point within the QMS which is often difficult to get contractors to adhere...

  • Vanessa  Dutton

    RE:Boat Ramp Rehabilitation & Design

    Posted in: Ask Your Mates Open Forum

    Andrew, Another option that we have designed for a number of boat ramps is using Macro Polypropylene Fibre reinforcement. Let us know if you...

  • photo not available

    RE:General Conditions of Contract for Design and...

    Posted in: Ask Your Mates Open Forum

    Phil, For us to provide you with specific advice or experience it would be helpful to know some more details on what you are interested in knowing...

  • Phil Gee

    RE:General Conditions of Contract for Design and...

    Posted in: Ask Your Mates Open Forum

    Thanks for your comments David. You make a good point about defining the design deliverables for which I will have to prepare some careful wording...

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