Bridge the gap between maintaining building assets and limited budgets

About Buildings.PLUS

  • A comprehensive package of resources
  • Organisation-based subscription program
  • Entitlements apply to ALL staff in subscribing organisation.

    The Buildings.PLUS subscription is based on the Buildings.PLUS online tools, web-based condition survey tools and asset planning system designed specifically for the complexities of buildings.

    Buildings.PLUS annual subscription includes:

      • Access to Buildings.PLUS online tools 
      • Single user access at any one time to Buildings.PLUS online tools
      • The annual organisational subscription based on the Council* population

      Buildings.PLUS Online Tools
      Buildings.PLUS online tools provides a tactical to strategic analytical solution, enabling asset managers to effectively assess the condition and performance of their assets and to efficiently formulate the priorities of physical works.

      Operational Benefits

      • A Structured approach to asset planning
      • Long-term savings through scientific forecasting
      • Ability to prioritise projects using risk and criticality measure
      Asset Manager Benefits 

      What can you do with your Buildings.PLUS subscription?

      • Use our component references and templates to build your data model
      • Apply the inbuilt predictive model to calculate the remaining life of components
      • Interrogate data with easy to use graphical functions
      • Assess buildings at a component level with our Mobile forms on tablets
      • Use one set of data for both renewal forecasting and DRC Valuations
      • Network and share with other similar organisations.

      Who is it for?
      Buildings.PLUS is particularly applicable to
      • Local Government Councils
      • Organisations providing services from a range of buildings

      It will help you to:
      • Manage diverse range of buildings assets and balance priorities
      • Make sure that less used facilities or lower priorities are not overlooked or forgotten
      • Feed projections into long term financial plans from straight forward output

      To find out more about Buildings.PLUS and how the online tools work:

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      Subscription Information
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            Annual Subscription Cost
      Small Council
      < 30,000 population

      $1,300 pa + GST

      Medium Council
      30,001 - 70,000 population

      $2,600 pa + GST

      Large Council
      > 70,000 population
      $4,000 pa + GST


      *If you are not an Australian local government general purpose council but are interested in Buildings.PLUS then are you may apply to IPWEA for a subscription quotation. Email:

            Buildings.PLUS Example Data
            10 year life cycle result - Boorowa

      Summary report examples - inc. valuation data regarding description & appraisal
      Boorowa Library
      Boorowa Museum

      Valuation examples - inc. CRV & Residual data
      Boorowa Library
      Boorowa Museum

      Practice Note 3: Buildings
      Published 2008

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