Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Our 2024 Exhibitors

World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) is a global collaboration of national non-profit Reliability, Maintenance and Asset Management organisations, brought together for the purpose of enabling individuals and organisations to develop, assess and recognise competence in Asset Management. WPiAM offers several certifications in the Global Certification Scheme which provides a laddered career pathway for individuals in reliability, maintenance and asset management. WPiAM’s flagship credential, the CAMA Certification, establishes an individual’s knowledge and comprehension in Asset Management. Requiring not only theoretical knowledge but hands-on practical experience in Asset Management, the CAMA Certification is the pre-eminent globally recognised credential in Asset Management. www.wpiam.com

Our 2023 Sponsors

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Solve every operational challenge that comes your way and transform the performance of your assets. With Brightly’s complete suite of intuitive software solutions - including CMMS, EAM, Strategic Asset Management, IoT Remote Monitoring, Sustainability and Community Engagement - you can realise a future where efficient operations and smart assets power sustainable communities.

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Thinkproject turn intelligence from data and people into an indispensable asset. For owners, stakeholders, contractors and developers, the right levels of insight and expertise elevate projects to a higher level of sustainability and efficiency.

Fulton Hogan


Autodesk is changing how the world is designed and made. Our technology spans many industries, including software for water and wastewater professionals worldwide. Autodesk’s modeling, simulation, and predictive analyses solutions enable more cost-effective and sustainable water distribution networks, water collection systems, treatment plants, and flood protection.

Fulton Hogan


Fulton Hogan is a family owned business, committed to ensuring the work we do today will make a real difference to the lives of our people and customers, the communities they call home, and the world we live in, tomorrow.



Looking to efficiently collect geospatial data for Strategic Asset Management and Sustainable Smart Cities? RapidMap has got you covered! Our innovative spatial data services and advanced GNSS technologies are tailored to meet the needs of local government, utilities, and private industry. From stormwater networks to open spaces, traffic assets and road data, our 360-degree mobile mapping and GIS mapping services ensure accurate asset data collection and compliance audits. Our mission is to empower informed decision-making, improve productivity, and increase service delivery. Visit us at Exhibit Booth 24, grab a coffee and learn more about how RapidMap can help your team today!

Aten Systems


Aten Systems transforms organisations by providing technology that not only preserves legacy value but also enables new links to modern devices reaching everyday people. Our mission is to create a partnership with our clients for sustainable delivery of core business services and for enablement of a citizen-focused council.

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We are committed to delivering products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We do this by building the hardware ourselves so we can guarantee quality and performance. By bringing hardware and software development in-house, Sensium can ensure that every device meets the industry’s highest standards for quality and security.


Tonkin’s range of asset management and spatial skills allows us to provide a service that is tailored for the specific council. We work with our clients to develop fit for purpose asset management solutions and strategies that will help support councils now and into the future.

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For over 20 years Inforce Global have been helping Engineers and Construction teams to design and deliver higher performing, stronger and more cost-effective floor slabs pavements.

Our 2023 Consultant Sponsors

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Diospatial is a team of engineers and surveyors, focused on delivering the most effective and compelling reality capture spatial solutions for the built and natural environments. We are experts in the capture, processing and presentation of spatial and visual data to create high detail, high quality digital twins for Australia’s large-scale asset owners, operators and AEC professionals.

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KnowLedge (No Ledge) Asset Management Pty Ltd was conceived in the mid 2000's as a concept, at that time, present technology was one of the drivers for the conception. Data capture was clumsy, manual and often illegible. The gap between software and humans was wide, the gap between software and information even wider. KnowLedge was born in 2014, a niche organisation, providing services to close the gap between organisations, software and information. Driven by the concept that service levels are the true indicator of asset decision making. We have created a suite of tools, methods and reporting, enabling our customers achieving the decision point using accurate data for more informed decisions.

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The Australis Way.

Securing your organisation’s operational foundation is non-negotiable, as serious risks can lay hidden in your most valued property and infrastructure assets.

The way we see it, every asset has a not only a past story, but also a future story to tell.  Every asset is an important part of your own organisation’s story.

We are specialist asset advisory and expert valuation partners to business and government, with ‘real-world’ capability. Our specialist experience in all types of strategic asset assessment, management and valuation, delivers work founded on a strong legacy of in-situ, direct and keen observational eye-for-detail. This is proudly coupled with extensive and long-standing strategic consulting and valuation expertise. 

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VAPAR helps Councils and Utilities better manage pipe condition assessments from start to finish. The VAPAR solution delivers faster, more consistent inspection results and comes with insights, repair recommendations, and data integrations that engineers and project managers use to make smart data-driven decisions.

Our cloud-based platform centralises and streamlines where your data is stored and how it is presented, with specific goals to reduce costs, increase inspection coverage, and optimise how data is used by your organisation. VAPAR provides the fastest way to the right pipeline investment decision.