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Give Your Liver Longer campaign to improve road safety

A 'Give Your Liver Longer' campaign created by Swinburne University student will be introduced in and around the university, after the Communication Design student won a competition to improve community awareness about morning-after drink driving. The campaign aims to debunk common myths...

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Heads down thumbs up:  Saving pedestrian lives with visual clues

By: Chris Sheedy For the next 12 months around pedestrian crossings near Melbourne's Swanston Street and Little Collins, the footpaths will be aglow with colour. When the red ‘Don’t Walk’ sign is showing or flashing, luminous LED blocks within the footpath will also glow or...

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Template to prepare RMS Crash data for GIS use

This spreadsheet is designed to make use of the RMS Crash data provided in dbf format. It uses lookup formulae to convert the codes included in the dbf files to readable values, as supplied by RMS in text file format in the 'Labels for DBF fields' directory which accompanies the CD data supply...

RMS Crash Data dbf import TEMPLATE.xlsx

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The Wider Implications of Mobility

Despite the obvious benefits of mobility scooters to a number of mobility impaired persons in the community there comes an associated expectation on road authorities to consider and provide a safe environment for the operation of this fast emerging mode of transport. With this expectation comes...

The Wider Implications of Mobility (Paul Hillier).pdf

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AS/NZS 1906.1 Reflective Sheeting - Issues to Review

The current 1906.1 standards were published in February 2007 with the review process taking place from the period of 2004 – 2006 with input from various key stakeholders including AUSTROADS, Road Authorities, testing and research organisation and industry associations and manufacturers. This...


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NSW "Staysafe Committee" School Safety Zones - IPWEA (NSW) submission

This submission is a compilation of members' comments in response to an invitation from the Joint Parliamentary committee on Road Safety (Staysafe) to comment on apsect of road safety in school zones. It was prepared in conjunction with the Roads and Transport Directorate. #RoadSafety ...

Staysafe Submission on school crossings September 2011 Final.pdf