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Asset Revaluation Methodology

Methodology used for initial revaluation of assets #PolicyDocuments #AssetManagement #AssetManagement #NSW

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Draft : Asset Valuation Methodology

Draft : Asset Valuation Methodology City of Ryde for inclusion in IP&R Asset Plan & support of 2013 audit of accounts #FinancialDocuments #AssetManagement #Australia #International #CorporateBusinessPlans #AssetManagement #PolicyDocuments

asset val meth.docx

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IPWEA Sustainability Strategy - Update April 2013

Provides an update of IPWEA's Sustainability Strategy including initiatives addressing capacity building, enhancing networks, engaging with other partners and providing industry leadership. #Australia #CorporateBusinessPlans #ClimateChangeSustainability #PolicyDocuments

IPWEA Sustainability Update April 2013.pdf

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IIMM Glossary of Terms and Definitions

This Glossary is an abstract from the International Infrastructure Management Manual. It is provided as a free download in the interests of international consistency in terms and definitions. This post now updated to provide the link to the latest version of the Glossary from the IIMM 2015...


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Economics of Pavement materials & Recycling Survey

Austroads Project AT1736, Economics of Materials Availability and Recycling, is being managed by the Austroads Assets Task Force. The purpose of this survey is to investigate the economics associated with both the continued use of traditional pavement materials and also the adoption of...

AT1736 Survey Final[1].doc

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Works Acceptance Forms

Tablelands Regional Council has uploaded two forms for acceptance of new assets: 1. 'On Maintenance' Works Acceptance Process. 2. 'Off Maintenance' Final Works Acceptance Process. #AssetManagement #WorksManagement #LandDevelopmentEngineering #PolicyDocuments #QLD

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