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Plant and vehicle management has long been a neglected area of asset management in local government and many other areas of public works.

IPWEA has established leading initiatives and comprehensive resources in Fleet Management.

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  • Hi All Do you have a fleet story to tell? Have you implemented an improvement, undertaken a new initiative, solved a problem? If you just answered "Yes" to any of the above, then why not share your knowledge and experience with like-minded professionals ...

  • The National Road Safety Partnership Program is running a program that aims to reduce vulnerable road user (VRU) deaths resulting from interactions from construction and waste trucks. CLOCS – Australia is based on CLOCS which was developed in 2013 by ...

  • Good Morning Stanley, Over at Cook we went from having most of our vehicles that travel north being fitted with winches to only 5 vehicles that are used for flood pickups and feral and weed management and workshop job truck for recovery. We purchased ...

  • Good Morning  Just asking for some feedback if possible. Should a work group require a recovery winch fitted to an operational vehicle, does any of your councils put in place an approval from WHS after providing risk assessments, operator training, ...

  • Hi Robert, At BRC we have a dedicated minor plant workshop and each asset is serviced every six months or by OEM requirements. A condition assessment is performed and recorded at every pm service. We also have a minor plant hire store for short term ...

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