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04-05-2013 08:42

Robert Ladd reports: Guys I came across this in another group, but I though it was such a genius way for an LGA to communicate with the community so thought I would share it here.

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16-05-2013 00:57

This is an ingenious and creative effort to positively associate what people think is inconvenient (potholes and road repair) to just plain hard work. Excellent.

05-05-2013 10:52

Goodaye, enjoyed the video and the aim behind it. As a truckdriver I struggle to get road authorities to understand some of our issues and problems, because sometimes the road is not broken and obvious, but still a major issue with trucks. It has just taken me over 18 months, numerous calls and finally letters to Ministers to get major dips filled on the National Highway network. I hope some one can help to get these things improved. As truckies we feel and often see the problems first and fixing them when small is cheaper and better than fixing them later when bigger. Any suggestions? Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

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