Member Testimonials

That's Why I'm a Member...
Megan Bonehill - Thats why Im a member!
           “As a member of the IPWEA, I had the opportunity to host undergraduate work-placement students. I found it particularly rewarding giving them the hands-on public works industry perspective not covered academically.

We must never overlook the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge with our colleagues – present and future generations – and the IPWEA certainly supports this, from online forums to conferences and site tours.”

- Megan Bonehill, Assistant Project Manager, District Council of Mount Barker, South Australia
(Chair, Young IPWEA South Australia)

           “Being involved with IPWEA and being able to network with more experienced public works professionals is a great part of being a member, although to date I feel that my involvement in the development of Young IPWEA in Victoria has been a highlight, and something I will look back on and cherish as a very valuable experience.

Being recognised as the IPWEA Victoria Young Public Works Engineer of the Year in 2011 and receiving a scholarship to attend the 2013 IPWEA International Public Works Conference in Darwin also demonstrated just one of a number of ways IPWEA members get bang for their buck. Having said that, simply ‘putting your hand up’ and being involved in IPWEA will return great value to any member, and particularly the younger members.”

Kurt Pitts, Project Engineer, Cardinia Shire Council
   (Inaugural Chair, Young IPWEA Victoria)

           “During my time as IPWEA Victoria Division President in 2013, I was able to meet with many members in regional Victoria and hear them talk about similar issues in regards to recruitment of staff, managing projects and resources. This led the IPWEA Board to further support regional groups, via a series of Regional Forums on issues that directly impacted them.

It is really satisfying to feel that you can make a difference in your industry, something I couldn’t have achieved without the backing of the IPWEA.”

– Vicki Shelton, Manager Engineering Services, City of Great Geelong, Victoria

(Past President, IPWEA Victoria Division)