Standard Drawings

An online library of National, State, and Regional/Local Standard Drawings

Late last year IPWEA State Divisions and AUS-SPEC representatives met in Melbourne for the inaugural meeting of the IPWEA Standard Drawings Strategic Committee. Representatives are excited by the prospect of being able to offer a set of industry peer-reviewed Standard Drawings that link into the AUS-SPEC/NATSPEC specifications.

The aim of the project is to grow the source of drawings available to our members and industry and will provide three levels of drawings: National, State, and Regional/Local (the ones that only apply to a particular Council or region).

How do you become involved and have access to this great initiative?

We would like to gather as many drawings as possible from across Australia and we need your help please.

Visit: and follow the prompts to submit your drawings – in pdf format please.

To make it a little easier, you will see there are several categories under which you can upload your drawings:
  • General: footpaths, cycleways, pavement line marking, underground power, road openings
  • Roads: inc street signs, kerb profile, vehicle crossing, cattle routes, kerb transitions
  • Drainage: inc pit gullies, stormwater connections, kerb drainage • Water: inc culverts, service connections, hydrants
  • Sewer: inc manholes, pump stations, grease arrestors • Environmental: inc sediment traps, swale drains, water retention structures
  • Landscaping: inc individual planting, footpath planter types, pedestrian handrails, retaining walls and fencing
  • Other: please make comment or suggestions

The closing date for the upload of drawings is 4th April 2013.

What will happen then?

Each State Committee will initially review the drawings submitted from their own State – they have until 30th June. They will decide if drawings should be put in the National, State or Local categories. After that – a consultant will be appointed to review all of the drawings in the “national” pile: look for duplications, whether they really are ‘national’. The Strategic Committee will have the final say, which will happen in September 2013.