Corporate Information

Corporate Governance

The Association subscribes to the following:

  • Purpose
    • The principal purpose of the Association is to advance excellence in public works and services in South Australia.
  • Vision
    • To support IPWEA SA members to enhance the quality of life of communities through their involvement in public works and services
  • Mission
    • To enhance the professional capability of members to drive continuous improvement and best practice operations.
    • To develop and exchange ideas, information and technology.
    • To promote excellence in the delivery of public works and services.
    • To advance public works and services issues.

The activities and business of IPWEA SA are managed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership base.

The Board of Directors comprises a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President, and up to 6 Board Members. Nominations for membership of the Board of Directors are called in September each year and if nominations exceed the positions available an election by postal ballot must be held.

Download a full copy of the constitution here. (PDF, 167Kb)
Download a full copy of the IPWEA SA Advocacy register of issues here. (PDF, 111Kb)

Strategic Plan

The IPWEA SA Division has developed a strategic plan, updated annually, to help guide the Board to deliver its obligation under the constitution.

Download the Strategic Plan here. (PDF, 263Kb)

Annual Reports

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Financial Statements

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