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Multi-function pole deployment a key to Newcastle’s smart city strategy
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Some Californian cities buying back the street lighting from utility to gain greater controls over LED deployments
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Pune, India passes half way in deployment of 70,000 LED street lights
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Rajasthan hits 750,000 LED street lighting deployments and now integrating CCTV and WiFi
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Camden, UK teams up with Google to deliver free public Wi-Fi
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Silver Springs to connect more than 250,000 LED street lights in Chicago
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Industry Feed

June 2017

Last year, the American Medical Association (AMA) announced a Policy that encourages restrictions on the spectral properties of outdoor area and roadway lighting, based on CSAPH Report 2-A-16 from their Council on Science and Public Health. The IES reviewed the report and issued a statement that same month, emphasizing our intent to do a more thorough review of the report and to establish a dialog with the AMA.



About the SLSC

  Sometimes, technologies come along that make everything that came before utterly obsolete.

In a few short years, LED street lighting and smart controls have become the clear choice of technology for street lighting deployments. Large-scale replacement programmes are underway worldwide, as governments and consumers begin to recognise the superior financial, environmental, safety and liveability benefits this technology provides.

Despite this, the uptake of LEDs and smart controls across Australia and New Zealand’s streets has been slow. IPWEA’s Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) programme is a two-year initiative that aims to change this, through forming partnerships with governments, industry associations and industry partners.

IPWEA’s vision for the SLSC programme is to see near-full deployment of LED street lighting and smart controls across Australia and New Zealand by 2027.

SLSC Council Members



“Smart controlled LED lighting is a proven technology around the world with energy and maintenance benefits while enhancing lighting service quality and safety in the street. Smart controlled street lighting is considered as the backbone for the development towards SMART city that will enhance liveability, workability and sustainability. From the experience gained from the smart controlled street lighting projects done by City of Ryde, I can confidently say that NOW is the right time to change.”

Vimal Vinodan | Street Infrastructure Engineer – Asset Systems, City of Ryde