Practice Notes 2: Kerb & Channel (Gutter)

Practice Notes 2: Kerb & Channel (Gutter)

Practice Note 2:
Kerb & Channel (Gutter)
Version 2

Published 2008, V2 2014

This Practice Note for Kerb and Channel (Gutter) Inspection and Condition Assessment is one in a series of Practice Notes developed by the National Asset Management Strategy Group (NAMS.AU) of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA).

It is to:

  • Assist practitioners in applying best practice for condition assessment for various asset classes.
  • The aim is to promote a national approach and encourage consistency of data and outputs.
  • These will be living documents, subject to review and update as further and better information comes to hand.

About Practice Note 2

Provide a number of functions for the road and the road drainage. These can be summarised as:

  • To collect stormwater run-off from the road carriageway, adjoining footpaths and property and convey to gully inlets or other drainage devices for discharge to the underground pipe system or other appropriate collection/dispersal arrangements.
  • To provide delineation between the carriageways used by vehicles and the footway used by pedestrians and possibly bikes and also between the carriageway and medians.
  • To provide a safety feature by discouraging vehicles from leaving the defined carriageway and mounting footways or median strips.
  • To provide delineation for the parking of vehicles for through traffic safety.
  • To provide containment of the road pavement material to enhance the structural properties of the pavement and prevent

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