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e-book Subscription

An organisation level annual subscription where you only pay a single invoice.
Tick_red_blue.png All staff will have access to IPWEA’s entire e-book library using Adobe's Digital Edition software (capped at 340 downloads) and can sync their library to 5 devices.
Access to new and updated publications in real time.

Pricing will be comprised on 2 components:
*All prices are listed in Australian dollars and GST exclusive
Once-off joining fee of $1,000
Annual subscription fee as per table below*

Organisation Size Small Medium Large
Council Population <30,000 30,001 - 70,000 >70,000
Other Organisations / consultants Not available yes
Ongoing annual subscription fee $1,500 $2,250 $3,000
Initial Joining and Subscription Fees $2,500 $3,250 $4,000


For small councils, this equates to the same amount they’d otherwise pay for 5 hard copy publications, 7 for medium sized councils and 10 for Large councils.


After you have submitted the Download order form above, and your payment has been processed, an email will be sent with links to your subscribed e-books.

Click on the e-book Downloading instructions below and follow the steps to install Adobe Digital Editions software and download your e-book.  You can sync your e-books on up to 5 authorised devices and each device will need to have a copy of Adobe Digital Editions installed.