Video Link for Career - Govt Skills Australia
Watch videos of real people in real situations working in the local government and public works industry. Find out about the interesting jobs they have, the challenges they face, how they achieved their goals and the opportunities available to them now. Listen to advice from people who found a career that matched their skills and attributes.

JobOutlook for Civil Engineers - AU govt website

Engineering Fully Loaded
IPWEA's own careers in local government and public works website.

Re-Engineering Australia Forum
Dr Michael Myers OAM, an awarded engineer and businessman, decided to take affirmative action to counter the growing perception amongst young Australians that engineering and related technical fields were not career paths worthy of consideration. It was time to re-engineer our nation. To inspire and educate a new generation of young people. Thus it was that the social enterprise, Re-Engineering Australia Foundation (REA), was born.

Engineers Australia
Useful information on careers in engineering and the profession.

Hands-on way for school students to learn what engineering is all about.

Engineering Alley
1001 types of engineer and a comprehensive engineering directory.

Graduate Careers
Great links to science careers information.

Australian State and Territory Governments
Activities to help you explore a career for you.