AM 304 – Asset Management Strategy - Digital Badge

Starts:  Jan 1, 2022 09:00 (NZST)
Ends:  Jan 31, 2022 17:00 (NZST)
Associated with  New Zealand


AM 304 will help you develop an understanding of the importance and function of the strategic aspects of asset management, including the areas needed to put together an Asset Management Strategy or Strategic Asset Management Plan.

This course builds on the information introduced in AM 202 – Understanding Requirements.

The course materials are based on the authoritative resources International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and ISO 55000 suite of Standards.

On completion, learners are awarded a digital badge which can be saved and shared.

This course is a collaboration between IPWEA NZ and WSP.

Who should attend

Those in, or who aspire to, strategic asset management roles.

Typical attendees include

  • Consultants
  • Planners
  • Engineers
  • Project managers
  • Strategy staff
  • Executives
  • Auditors

Learning material

  • Text, images, video
  • Formative assessment
  • Activities
  • Case studies
  • Summative assessment


This course will increase your understanding of strategic aspects of asset management.


  • Organisational context
  • Asset Management System
  • Stakeholder requirements
  • Asset Management Objectives
  • Investment needs and constraints
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Performance
  • Procurement

Recommended prior learning or equivalent experience

An understanding of the content of the following badges: AM 101, AM 202, AM 203 and AM 204.


Please note:

  • Registrations close on 22 December due to holiday season.
  • Support will be limited between 24 December and 17 January
  • If you are registering other people, you must use each person’s individual email address for the registration.

When you register you will receive a confirmation email. Then, within a few days of the course starting, you will receive an email with everything you'll need to know to get started - including how to access the course.


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