NZS 3910 and NZS 3916 Engineer to the Contract - WELLINGTON

Starts:  Nov 13, 2018 9:00 AM (NZST)
Ends:  Nov 14, 2018 4:00 PM (NZST)
Associated with  New Zealand
About this course
This is a more advanced two day-workshop covering the complex dual 'role' of the Engineer in the administering contracts let under NZS 3910. It is recommended that attendees have had some previous training in construction contracts, such as the IPWEA NZ Engineer’s Representative and Contractor’s Representative course, or similar.  The subtleties of the Engineer's role are explored in relation to instructions, interpretation, certification, time, cost and quality decision making and for responses to claims and disputes. Exercises, case studies and a multi-choice test are used to bed in knowledge and to share experiences. 

These successful workshops are much more than a lecture. At regular points throughout the workshop, delegates break into groups to work on practical examples. Delegates leave the workshops with a good understanding of the topics covered, and comprehensive notes are provided for future reference. Please ensure you register early to avoid disappointment as these workshops are limited to 30 delegates.

The content of this workshop was revised to incorporate changes to the NZS 3910 conditions of contract introduced when the standard was revised during 2013. However because some contracts need to continue being managed using the rules in the previous edition of NZS 3910: 2003, reference is also made at appropriate places in the workshop to the earlier version. Reference material provided to all participants highlights these differences. Reference is also madeto differences in business processes needing to be followed under NZS 3910 design and construct contracts.

Our workshop facilitator, Andrew Brickell, is a very experienced construction contracts practitioner and presenter. With his knowledge and experience he is ideally placed to provide our construction contracts workshops.  

This workshop has been accepted by the NZ Transport Agency as part of the accreditation process for those in the role of Engineer-to-the-Contract on NZTA's Highway and Network Operations projects.

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The Brentwood Hotel & Conference Centre
16 Kemp Street
Wellington, NZ


Trina Paul