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The Roading Infrastructure Management Support Group (RIMS) exists to lead, promote, and develop best practice in road asset and information management to ensure consistency and efficiency across New Zealand.

Our Work
‚ÄčRIMS is here to support the New Zealand Roading Asset & Information Management Industry. This is done primarily through the development of Best Practice and facilitating Industry Liaison and Knowledge Sharing.

About RIMS
A committee of IPWEA NZ, RIMS comprises members from The NZ Transport Agency, Local Authorities and other Roading Associations.

The goal of RIMS is to ensure that best practice road asset and information management is available in New Zealand to enable the optimal targeting of road asset maintenance funds. This is in line with the recent recommendations of the Road Maintenance Task Force setup by the Minister of Transport to find efficiencies in thedelivery of roading maintenance and renewals.

The Current Committee:   
Gordon Hart (NZTA) - Chairman     
Damon Norden (Fulton Hogan)
Peter Scott (Auckland Transport) Jim McQueen (Dunedin CC)
David Darwin (NZTA) Gary Porteous (Opus)
Tony Lange (NZTA) Jag Panu (Hastings DC)
Matt Hendry (NZTA)    Adam Bevins (Downer)
  Vaughan McEwan (NZ Defence)