Updating and Living Asset Management Plans - Christchurch

Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 9:00 AM - 4:15 PM NZST


Asset (Activity) Management Plans are a key planning document for organisations which deliver levels of service through assets. This course is a practical course on how to write, review, update and use AMPs as a core business tool.  The course is aimed at those involved in AMP development, review or implementation.


In 2017, local government will be focussed on developing AMPs that address issues and strategic responses identified in the Infrastructure Strategy and deliver the activity’s inputs to the draft 2018 Long Term Plan.  Central Government will be focused on addressing weaknesses identified as part of the recent ICR ratings process, including asset management maturity and asset performance. This course will specifically address how this year’s AMPs can most effectively deliver on our expectations.


The seminar covers each topic of the asset management plan in turn - what is needed, the linkages to others sections of the plan, good practice examples and how these might relate to different situations. The seminar will help participants to identify what they should focus on to get the most organisational value from their plan.

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Trina Paul