Training - We're at a Tipping Point


Training - we're at a Tipping Point


It feels like we are near the cross roads, reaching a tipping point, at a jumping off point, or whatever other metaphor takes your fancy.

When it comes to training people to get the skills we need in the workforce: times, they are a changing.

The 2017 Open letter from NZTalent pointed out to us that we have a skills shortage that our traditional way of delivering training is not filling.

Our hiring policies haven’t moved with the times either and we are still asking for degree based qualifications and limiting our pool of potential employees.

Learning is evolving too. How do you, or more likely your kids, learn something these days. I am trying to keep up with my 6 year old by asking a device how to do something and learning via you tube and other content sharing platforms. Technology has massively changed the way we learn, and where we learn, and we are only at the start of this revolution.

Even the government has recognised that our tertiary education system is not delivering the needed vocational skills and proposed an overhaul.

Businesses have responded to the gap, the Aotearoa Skills Pledge being a step toward companies offering lifelong learning opportunities to their people.

Recognition of skills and competencies is becoming increasingly important, and increasingly easier to do. Digital badges are proliferating, especially in the technology sector.

We in the public works space, are not deaf to the noise about this.

We have been looking at how micro-credentials can benefit our training offering and are pleased to announce that we are currently producing our first courses that will come with a digital credential.

We will have these online in July and look forward to sharing more information about them with you soon.

Steve Browning

Chair IPWEA Training Working Group