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IPWEA NZ's youngest new honorary member...


Otago Southland Branch have welcomed new honorary IPWEA NZ member Jasper Jones

20181213_183619.jpg Jasper is the first child of Otago Southland Branch Chair and RIMS Chairperson: Erin Moogan.

Jasper arrived a bit over a week before Otago Southland’s annual Clyde meeting in November with Deputy Branch Chair Craig Hughes providing Erin’s apologies for missing the meeting and welcoming Jasper to the IPWEA NZ family.

Erin popped into the meeting in the afternoon to catch up with attendees and said she was blown away by the support shown by the industry. Everyone was really keen to check in on the family, and the infrastructure community shifted the conversation from asset management to sharing different new parenting experiences and how families have managed to find balance between work and family and fun!

Erin says, "I think Engineering has traditionally had a reputation for being a bit of a blokey group so it was a really cool surprise to suddenly have this network of parenting support from within the industry."

Erin has recently started back in her role as Infrastructure Operations Manager with Queenstown Lakes District Council. She and her husband are still finding their feet balancing new roles with Jasper, two dogs and careers, but have been heartened with no shortage of support and encouragement while finding their way!