Labour's new 10 Year Transport Plan

While many of us were glued around television sets as NZ battled out the final overs of the cricket test match against England, the new government was about to introduce its 10 year Transport Plan.
This Plan is a significant change in direction for NZ in transport funding and focus.
Key points include:
  • The Government has released its draft 10-year policy statement on land transport
  • A fuel tax increase of between 9 and 12 cents a litre has been proposed
  • Aucklanders face fuel tax hikes of about 20 cents a litre if the Government's increases and a regional fuel tax are brought in
  • Funding on public transport will increase by 46 per cent
  • Funding allocated for state highways will be cut by 11 per cent
  • $4 billion will be allocated over 10 years to establish Rapid Transit, such as light rail, initially focusing on Auckland
A further change in focus is that the 10-year transport plan highlights:
  • Up to $4 billion over five years for light rail, starting in Auckland.
  • Up to $720 million for other rail projects, including a trial of commuter rail between Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland.
  • An extra $200m a year on other public transport.
  • Paid for by fuel tax increase of 9-12 cents a litre, introduced over three years.
  • Spending on state highway upgrades to drop from about $8.5b to $6b over five years.
  • Motorway upgrades already under way to be completed but future Roads of National Significance scrapped.
  • Increased spending on road safety measures, including policing and possible lower speed limits.
  • More paths for cyclists and pedestrians
The Government has noted that the draft plan will be open for submissions until May 2018.
So, members are encouraged to make their say, and in how IPWEA NZ should contribute to this debate about NZ’s future transport direction.