Vision, Mission, Objectives & Rules

Vision Statement

Leaders in engineering and asset management for sustainable communities.

Mission Statement

We will champion integrated management of services for communities through excellence in engineering and asset management.


  1. Uphold and improve the status of engineering and management of public assets in New Zealand.
  2. Promote and encourage appropriate engineering and asset management standards for all public assets.
  3. Be the principal engineering and asset management advisory body to for local government.
  4. Foster the sharing of knowledge among:

    a) Members

    b) engineers, asset managers and others working with public assets

    c) local government elected members

    d) associations and organisations with similar objectives within New Zealand and overseas.

  5. Encourage, sponsor and promote research into all aspects of public asset engineering and management.
  6. Provide benefits for Members, including opportunities for education, networking and personal development.
  7. Take any other action which the Board believes will be of benefit to members, local government or public asset engineering and management generally.
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