2016 State Conference Papers




Amir Azad

Remedial Modelling of Steel Bridges

Andrew Swan

Launch of Recycled Water

Austin Morris

Measuring Project Success in LG

Ben Lawson & Matthew Christensen

Innovation Through Simplification

Bill Woodcock & Paul Knox

How to Smoothly Integrate Engineers, Architects and Project Managers

Brad Stebbing

Slasher Teck, An Australian Start-Up

Chris Drummond

Use of Drone Surveying to Quantify Risks to Coastal Assets

David Andrews

Country Bridge Solutions

David Cropley

Fostering Innovation in Public Works Engineering

David McTiernan

A Safe System Hierarchy of Control Framework for LG

Ed Bourke

How to Maximise Limited LG Funding to Deliver Key Operational Facilities

Garry Hemsworth & Adam King

Mooney Mooney Water Pump Station

Geoff Paton

Multi Agency Collaboration

Goran Gelic

Development Engineering in the Digital Age – Risks and Opportunities

Hamish Scroope

Engineering Cadetships in Council’s Workforce Planning

Hassan Narimani

Raingardens in Densely Developed Urban Areas

Jason Ip

Riverina Water’s Energy Efficiency and Cost Minimisation Journey

Jenny Davis

Update from Infrastructure NSW

Joanne Stokker

A Risky Business, Safety and the Environment

John Earls

Sustainable Relevance

John Maretich

Let Engineers Be Engineers – Organisational Culture

Jose Antonio Arrolave Villacorta

Refining Road Safety Strategies

Joshua Devitt

Improving Engineering Cadets and Graduates

Krishna Shrestha

Innovation in Sustainable Roads Service in a Rural Setting

Liz Collyer

Empowering Council Staff to be Skilled in Community Engagement

Mark Roebuck

Project Management Framework

Mark Smith & Dorothy Koukari

The Asset Standard Authority

Meredith MacPherson & Andrew Francis

Water Loss Management Toolkit

Paul Hillier

Supporting Innovation in Traffic Control Devices

Peter Shields & Matthew Lewis

(GA Taylor Medal Winners)

Innovative Storm Water Infrastructure

Tim Hurst

Local Government Update

Trevor Distin

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine