IPWEA NSW takes part in advocacy and lobbying activities for those involved in and delivering public works and engineering services to the community. Some of our achievements for the public works sector can be seen in our 2017-18 Scorecard, available here.

IPWEA NSW prepares and presents submissions to the NSW Government with an aim to optimise decision making in relation to the future infrastructure needs of NSW Communities and to be the voice for public works professionals.

If there is an issue you would like addressed please contact IPWEA NSW at or visit the “Ask your Mates” discussion forum on the website. 

Below are the various submissions IPWEA NSW has presented on behalf of our members.

2018 Submissions

May Audit of Skills Capacity in Local Government NSW
February              National Capacity and Skills Forum - The Opportunity of a Lifetime  

2017 Submissions

August Building NSW Together (Joint submission with LGEA) Improving the Infrastructure Delivery and Engineering Capacity of Local Government
February       STAYSAFE (Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety) Inquiry into Whole-of-Life Driver Education and Training
February Local Government Transport Infrastructure Management in NSW 

2016 Submissions

February IPART Review of Reporting and Compliance Burdens on Local Government; Response to Draft Recommendations
January              Mine Safety Regulation
January   Procurement and Government Infrastructure


2015 Submissions

October              OLG Joint Organisation Future Directions Paper
September     Motorcycle Safety in NSW
August IPART Review of Reporting and Compliance Burdens on Local Government
July NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Local Government Reform
April IPART Consultation on Fit for the Future Methodology
April Senate Inquiry into Stormwater


2014 Submissions

September         Rebuilding NSW
February        Local Government Independent Review Panel
February Local Government Act


External Reports

World Health Organisation Global Status Report on Road Safety