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Mr Stephen Haughey

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I have worked all over the Southern African region as well as Australasia and Papua New Guinea, undertaking Plant and Machinery Valuations as well as Off Road Driver Training. I have consulted to the World Bank on Privitisation Issues in Africa and have worked for both Governmental and Non Governmaental agencies I have consulted to some of the largest corporations and organisations on both Plant and Machinery Valuations as well as Privitisation Issues and as Management Consultancy I have specialised in the Mining sectors as well as in the Sugar Milling Industries with a particular emphasis on heavy vehicles and off highway mine dump trucks as well as other specialised items of equipment such as Excavators, Draglines and Drill Rigs I have undertaken Driver Training for the Public and Corporate Sector, specialising in Defensive, Advanced and Four Wheel Drive ,Driver Training as well as Skid Pan and Trailer Towing Courses. I have travelled extensively from the wilds of Africa to the deserts of Australia. I presently run a number of companies ranging from Plant and Machinery Valuations, Driver Training, Four wheel Drive Accessories and Inovative Marketing. I belong to the Australian Red Cross and have undertaken many courses in disaster management,I belonged to the Surf Lifesaving Association as well as the National Sea Rescue Institute. I am also a Justice of the Peace (Qualified), as well as a licenced and qualified Private Investigator and Bodyguard. I hold an Instructors Certificate in SCUBA diving, Instructors Certificates in Defensive, Advanced and Four Wheel Drive Vehicles. I hold various patents for Unique Marketing and have designed, manufactured and sold various unique Four Wheel Drive accessories. I raced Off Road motorcycles, managed Off Road Race Teams and have thrown myself out of a perfectly good aircraft, to skydive.