Professional Certificate - Ambassador Profile

Name: Rick Churko

Title: Specialist – System Planning & Asset Management; Transmission line Assets

Organisation: SaskPower

Course completion date: October 2019

Why did you complete the course?

I completed the course in order to assist my organisation in the development of a credible asset management plan (AMP). The draft AMP was an easy sell to my Manager and Director, and the personal recognition in the form of a Professional Certification from IPWEA was the cherry on top for me.

What did you like about the course’s content?

My favourite part about the course was that I could use my own real-world asset data, experiences and judgement throughout the learning modules and exercises. This helped me validate much of what I already knew about my organisation’s assets, and the IPWEA mentors provided valuable insight for me to consider in my everyday work.

What did you enjoy about how the course was delivered?

The online format of the IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning gave me the flexibility I needed to complete the course and maintain my work-life balance. I could pause, rewind, review or re-start the modules from my work or at home in order to keep up with my busy schedule.

What did you specifically learn?

Through the course I learned that developing a credible asset management plan can help organisations engage stakeholders in tough conversations about expected services and the corresponding financial and operational commitments needed for success.

How did completing the course help you with doing your job?

I believe that completing the course has elevated my credibility within my organisation and enabled me to provide insight for my peers and managers as we take on challenges associated with our infrastructure. I am optimistic that new opportunities are within reach as a direct result of obtaining the Professional Certification.

What would you say to others thinking about doing this course?

I highly recommend this course if you are considering a career path in asset management – I was surprised by how much of the course content I could directly apply to my current role and I appreciated the insight and feedback from the IPWEA experts.