Professional Certificate - Ambassador Profile


Name: Paul Gowans

Title: Director

Organisation: Next Energy

Course completion date: December 2016

Why did you complete the course?

Asset management had been gaining a prominent position with senior management in my council for some years. Each department was made more responsible for having an in-depth knowledge of the assets they had, the condition of the assets, the expected life, the value, the replacement cost and future budget requirements to meet and maintain standards. I decided that completing the course would be the best way for me to develop my skills, enhance my CV and develop proper asset management plans for my department. 

What did you like about the course’s content?

The course was very well structured, and the topics were set out in a practical and logical manner. I particularly enjoyed the final assignment with the requirement to produce an Improvement Plan. This adjunct to an Asset Management Plan is essentially a financial plan for keeping a portfolio of assets up to scratch. This carefully structured approach was a new concept for me and is a very powerful tool.

What did you enjoy about how the course was delivered?

The online interactive webinar sessions were great, and the optional Q&A sessions allowed questions to be answered in real time by the course mentors. The mentors were all fantastic, patient and helpful.

What did you specifically learn?

How best to set up and populate a real Asset Management Plan that was relevant to my own work with the assets I was managing.

How did completing the course help you with doing your job?

The course allowed me to better identify the requirements for better budget control, asset maintenance and ongoing replacement programming. Once this was in place, it made my work easier!

What would you say to others thinking about doing this course?

Go for it. The course is easily the best professional training course I have completed. The work and effort you put in returns to you tenfold with knowledge and skills you can apply directly to your role.