Roads Pavement (Visual Assessment) workshop 2018

Roads Pave (Visual)

  • ISO 55000 AM Standards implications for road pavement condition assessment.
  • How to put the PN9 into practice.
  • A risk based approach to defining scope of survey.
  • Condition rating scoring methodology based on defects identified.
  • Action plans – maintenance and renewals derived from condition analysis.
  • Input and report on valuations, depreciation and financial planning.

About the workshop

This Workshop will assist roads asset management practitioners apply best practice in accordance with ISO 55000 AM Standards for visual inspection of road pavement assets. The Workshop also provides the opportunity for participants to network and share their experiences. The Workshops focus on the practicalities of how to prepare for and undertake a visual assessment of both sealed and unsealed road networks including resultant data analysis, reporting and financial management.

Course objectives

  • Understand the use of the new PN9 to improve road pavement asset management practice taking into account ISO 55000 requirements.
  • Be able to follow a consistent approach to visual assessment of both sealed and unsealed road pavements for input into the condition assessment process.
  • Have the tools to scope and plan a condition assessment project to achieve application of PN9 good practice.


  • Review and update the register of road pavement assets classifying these assets into their appropriate component levels
  • Carry out a visual Condition Assessment based on risk profile and sampling to rate each component inspected as a factor in the estimate of remaining useful life
  • Carry out a risk analysis based on visual condition rating as input to predict the timing of future renewals and replacements of pavement components and/or appropriate maintenance activity and frequency
  • Provide reports including a road pavement visual condition summary report, component schedule, input to valuation and depreciation report and an expenditure profile
  • Produce work schedules and construction programs (maintenance, renewals and new works) and financial planning
  • Support the strategic asset management for the road pavements as outlined in the Asset Management Plans.

Who should attend

  • Road pavement practitioners, engineers, technical officers, inspectors and assessors

  • Applicable to local government, public works or other organisations (public or private) that manage road network assets to provide services for their community, customers and stakeholders

Workshop Presenters

M Erbs
Murray Erbs
Chair NAMS.AU 

G_Jordan.png Graham Jordan
Director, Lemmah Pty Ltd


Supporting Material

Roads Pavement (Visual Assessment code) suite

Suite Includes:

PN09: Road Pavement (Visual Assessment) Hard & soft copy
PN9.1: How to Assess Road Pavement Condition soft copy
PN9.2: How to Integrate Pavement Assessments into AM planning ebook

The Suite of Guidelines provide a process for carrying out visual assessment of pavement defects as a basis for assessing the condition of Road Pavement assets and to assist in determining the most appropriate treatment for maintaining the desired level of service for these assets. Through that, an enhanced ability to budget for the longer term renewal and replacement costs likely to be incurred as well as whole-of-life costs arising from the decisions to maintain, renew or build new assets.

PN 9 includes a compendium of photos to assist users in achieving a consistent condition rating score across a road network. PN 9.1 provides detailed guidance on how to actually carry out the pavement assessments and PN 9.2 then explains how the results of such assessments are integrated into the organisation’s asset management planning and long term financial plans.


      Dates and Locations
Brisbane 18 June
Melbourne 20 June
Sydney 21 June
Perth 26 June
Adelaide 28 June
      Delivery Face to face workshop
      CPD Points 7 hours
      Start time 9.00am
      Finish time 5.00pm
      Cost $650 + GST


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Workshop fee includes:
1-day workshop including workshop presentation material, morning/afternoon tea and lunch

      Cancellation Policy: Substitution advice must be received 3 days prior to workshop. Cancellations received less than 1 week prior to workshop will be required to pay full cost. The right is reserved to defer, amend or cancel workshops. 
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