NAMS+ Training


The guided pathway for Asset Management Planning

This NAMS+ workshop provides an introductory overview of NAMS+ product and how it can provide benefits to your organisation.

Intensive 1-day workshop

A focus on learning outcomes ensuring the tools and templates are used to their full advantage

Consistent with regulatory requirements



  • How to navigate and use the NAMS+ website, tools & templates.
  • Enhance your skills to write, review and update your Asset Management Plans and Strategy.
  • Forecast infrastructure asset renewal requirements against several funding scenarios.
  • Improve confidence in reporting the trade-offs on service, cost and risk.
  • Develop quality inputs to long-term financial plans and fulfil regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Hands on practical exercises.
  • Opportunity to discuss AM planning processes with your peers.

Key Topics Explored

  • How to navigate and use NAMS+.
  • Online data input and editing using sample data.
  • Value for money scenarios – options and consequences.
  • Maturity model assessment.
  • How to generate your own AM Plan and Strategy.


  • Be a competent user of NAMS+.
  • Demonstrate your organisation can be financially sustainable.
  • Appreciate that forecast options relate to service and risk consequences.
  • Be better equipped to identify and manage the consequences and likelihood of infrastructure service risks.
  • Provide credible decision support by linking life-cycle forecasts to the Asset Management and Long-Term Financial Plans.

Who Should Attend

Typical attendees include:

  • Officers tasked with writing and/or updating Asset Management Plans
  • Engineers
  • Finance Managers
  • Asset Accountants
  • Coordinators
  • Technical Officers
  • Current and/or new users and those considering subscribing to NAMS+.

Recognised Prior Learning


  • Not applicable


  • Knowledge of:
    • International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM)
    • International Infrastructure Financial Management Manual (IIFMM)
    • Introduction to Asset Management

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    Workshop Presenters

    Peter-Way.jpg Allen Mapstone
    Director Strategic Asset Management, IPWEA
    Peter-Way.jpg Steve Verity
    Principal Advisor Asset Management, IPWEA