International Mentors

Allen Mapstone
Director Strategic Asset Management, IPWEA | NAMS Canada

Allen Mapstone is IPWEA's lead trainer for NAMS.PLUS asset management courses in Australia & Canada. Allen is a highly skilled presenter and makes these concepts very understandable.

Steve Verity
Principal Advisor - Asset Mgt, IPWEA

Steve is a fellow member of the IPWEA and has over 25 years’ experience in infrastructure management across the public and private sectors. Steve has a strong appreciation in the importance of applying robust planning and risk management frameworks to ensure the necessary funds are available to deliver projects and programs at the agreed level of service. Steve brings a depth and breadth of expertise to the team and willingness to share experiences with those who wish to develop their skills and knowledge.

Steve Walker
Principal, Asset Engineering

Steve has 27 years’ experience working both within and with Local Government. He was extensive practical Asset Management experience and was involved in the development and delivery of the 2007 precursor to NAMS.PLUS in South Australia in 2007.

Nicole Allen
Executive Director, NAMS Canada

Nicole has experience working in the areas of strategic planning, AM, transportation and land development. Nicole has worked in the area of AM in both training and support with small and large rural and urban communities across Western Canada.