SA TS ISO 55010 Webinar


Standards Australia launches – New SA TS ISO 55010

Guidance on Aligning financial and non-financial functions in Asset Management

Learn about what’s in the new AS/ISO Technical Specification 55010 and how to apply its guidance. How to use IPWEA resources like the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and NAMS+ in applying the Standards. How to carry out Maturity Assessments – How well does your organization align with the Standards? Participants will be given access to the IPWEA maturity assessment tools to undertake their own assessment as a way of driving continuous improvement.

About the webinar

This webinar will address the latest developments for the ISO 55000 AM suite of Standards with release of AS/ISO TS 55010 and the benefits of appropriate use of its guidance on alignment between the financial and non-financial functions in AM to maximize the value that an organization can derive from its assets. It will explain how best to pursue the ‘How To’ of implementing the ‘What to do’ that is inherent in the Standards (by using the many IPWEA tools and resources).

Finally it will explain application of the IPWEA Maturity Assessment Framework to test alignment for the organisation against ISO 55001 and how this can drive continuous improvement.

Questions answered:


What is happening with new changes and enhancements to the ISO AM Standards?

Why might it be beneficial to apply the ISO AM Standards (or not) in my organisation?

If so, how would it best to go about implementation (e.g., using the IIMM)?

If so, how would it best to go about implementation (e.g., using the IIMM)?

How well does the organisation currently align with the Standards requirements – using the IPWEA online maturity assessment tools?

How could I use the maturity assessment approach and risk management to drive continuous improvement?

Course objectives

  • Gain an appreciation of the latest new changes to the ISO 55000 AM Standards suite with release of the new AS/ISO Technical Specification 55010, and how it might help improve AM practices in your organisation;

  • Get an overview of the various IPWEA resources and how they can be applied to meet ISO 55001 Asset Management Standards requirements;

  • Get 12 months access to the web based tools that will allow you to carry out your own self-assessment of the maturity of your organization in terms of how well aligned it is against ISO 55001; and

  • Learn how these Maturity Assessment Tools work and how you can apply them;

  • Participate in the interactive on-line learning environment to query and discuss issues relevant to your situation.

To save you time – attend the webinar to learn how these resources can help your AM journey


  • Better understand the improvements that have been made to the ISO AM Standards suite with the new TS now available;
  • Better consider possible application of the ISO 55000 AM Standards for your organization;
  • Appreciate what is available by way of the many IPWEA asset management resources and understand the linkages between those and the ISO 55000 suite of AM Standards.

  • Carry out a self-assessment to test how well aligned your organization is with the ISO Standards.

Who should attend

  • Asset Managers - wanting to understand why this approach is required
  • Asset Management Coordinator
  • Engineers
  • Technical Staff
  • IT staff
  • Accountants / finance staff
  • Administrative staff
  • Senior managers wanting to develop a longer-term view to managing assets
  • Those new to AM roles
  • IT professionals who have an interest in asset management of infrastructure


IIMM Testimonials

Sustainable Infrastructure Asset Management has improved significantly during my working life, and for 15 years IIMM has played an extremely critical international role in promoting these improvements.

This new edition with its strong links to ISO 55000, its updated material and additional case studies will further assist that continuing improvement. Sincere congratulations to all concerned!
Roger Byrne, AM Mentor and Auditor, (Semi-Retired ageing asset)

Infrastructure AM has advanced significantly over the past 25 years and I’ve seen the various editions of the IIMM support that advancement. I congratulate IPWEA on maintaining this progress through Version 5 with its strong links to ISO 55000, updated material and new case studies. The IIMM is a valuable resource for all asset management practitioners.  Well done IPWEA!
Aneurin Hughes, Senior Principal & Discipline Leader - Asset Management, Cardno


Webinar Details

Thu, 2nd April 2020
      Delivery Online webinar
      Duration x1 90 minute webinar
      CPD Points 90 minutes
      Start time 10:00 am
      Finish time 11:30 am (AEDT)
      Cost $250 plus gst


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Webinar Presenter

Peter Way PSM
Director NAMS.AU