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Park asset disposals-recycle/reuse

  • 1.  Park asset disposals-recycle/reuse

    Posted 18-07-2017 15:27

    ​​We're looking at formulating an asset disposal procedure and we'd like to know the best ways to make sure that during the demolition stage of our Open Space capital works projects, reuse/recycling of materials being removed from site is maximised.

    Examples of materials removed are:

    • concrete footings of old play equipment
    • rubber playground softfall
    • metal & plastic play equipment
    • irrigation/drainage system pumps, plastic pipes and concrete water tanks at sportsgrounds
    • synthetic grass – cricket wickets, and for first time next year we will be replacing the entire synthetic surface of an oval 

    We'd appreciate any help with the following:

    1. Should we instruct in specifications/tender documents some sort of procedure regarding treatment of disposals or perhaps better to just request information about what will be done with the disposals –and reward for better treatments?
    2. Are there any legal/liability issues if others reuse disposals (especially for items such as old play equipment). Or problems with "gifting" old assets to others.
    3. Any resources for best ways to recycle/reuse these types of materials?

  • 2.  RE: Park asset disposals-recycle/reuse

    Posted 19-07-2017 15:34
    ​Hi Liz,
    It would be good practice to specify recycling of materials where possible in accordance with state legislation (so long as materials are not contaminated in anyway); however, in term of re-use of old play equipment and gifting it to others, I would be mindful that 'if there is a fault with any equipment' and it's reused there may be a safety/liability issue?
    It would be easier to just ask for all materials to be recycled where possible and those contractors who provide HOW they are going to be recycled will been as more favourable in the tender analysis?

    Hi Liz,


  • 3.  RE: Park asset disposals-recycle/reuse

    Posted 25-07-2017 08:50
    Hi Liz

    All assets belong to the ratepayers. As such, disposal of assets needs to be undertaken with implementing best procurement practices and avoiding the gifting to employees in accordance with governance policies, unless this has been assessed is the most efficient way for disposal. This will apply to contractors or members of the public if gifted any spoils or disposed of materials.

    Another consideration is the condition of the gifted asset and the reasonable expectation of the recipient. Liability might still be attached to the asset you have gifted, especially if it's not fit for it's new purpose. Play equipment, as in your question, will be a prime example where you can still be liable if it doesn't meet child safety standards and it is used for child play.

    If you are gifting or disposing (selling) anything, you need to, at the bare minimum, cover two issues - full disclosure of the condition of the asset and an acceptance by the recipient of the asset in the stated condition, and secondly - get a fair price for it (this does not negate the gifting component, and might be the cost to remove or disassemble vs. the cost to demolish).

    In all cases remember it's public money and a public asset and has to be treated as such.

    Great to see you thinking about those options, they are often overlooked.