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Petanque Piste usage and maintenance

  • 1.  Petanque Piste usage and maintenance

    Posted 03-11-2017 15:52
    ​Hi All,

    We currently have 3 Petanques Pistes that are in a public park that are available for hire.
    at present we do little maintenance to them as the clubs have not wanted any done as the Piste is meant to be an organic and changes. some say this makes the game more interesting. while others are saying it needs maintenance. We are now having troubles as their use is becoming more popular.

    If other councils have Piste's that can be hired I would be interested to know what maintenance is carried out and how you allow then to be booked. i.e. by the hour or set sessions.


    Peter Kerstan.
    Program Leader parks and Reserves
    City of Hobart