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  • 1.  Objective measures for prioritising unsealed road defects

    Posted 21 days ago
    Good afternoon all,
    I was wondering whether anyone could recommend any reputable sources for objectively prioritising works on unsealed roads?

    My Council is in the early days of a grain harvest and the phones are ringing hot with customers and farmers screaming that their roads are impassable. Some of these are exaggerated, but some I can agree with.

    I'm trying the "we only have limited funds and resources, we provide services in line with our accepted levels of service, we are prioritising works in line with our road hierarchy" etc lines. These only seem to inflame the situation....:)

    Has anyone got any materials to recommend?

    Thank you in advance
    Daniel Noble
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    Daniel Noble
    Coonamble Shire Council
    Executive Leader Infrastructure

  • 2.  RE: Objective measures for prioritising unsealed road defects

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hi, Daniel,

    I've had quite a bit of involvement in the approaches to managing unsealed roads over the last five years, here in NZ. The direction we have taken here is the development of modelling that can monitor the performance of unsealed road networks over time, and ensure they are delivering on expected service levels.

    I know that you are looking for a more immediate method of prioritising response, but there may be something in both of the following reports that give you somewhere to start. Some council's have used this to move away from specification-based responses and operations plans here, but there are some really good inspection strategies for reactive work out there, too.

    Both the "Unsealed Roads Tactical Asset Management Guide" and the Waka Kotahi NZTA Research Report 652 "Assessment process for the condition of unsealed roads" are a good place to start.

    Andy Bartlett
    Asset Management Consultant - Infrastructure Engineering and Assets
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  • 3.  RE: Objective measures for prioritising unsealed road defects

    Posted 14 days ago

    Great links, thanks very much Andy. Much appreciated.


    Daniel Noble

    Executive Leader - Infrastructure

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  • 4.  RE: Objective measures for prioritising unsealed road defects

    Posted 14 days ago
    I feel for you, particularly after the rain you've had. Are you eligible for disaster relief so you can call in contractors to assist with resheeting?

    As far as programming works, I'd send staff around with an app like Konnect to triage the complaints based on damage, and the number of expected loads.

    No simple way...

    Good luck

    Ricky Luke
    Team Leader - Design & Assets
    Glenelg Shire Council


  • 5.  RE: Objective measures for prioritising unsealed road defects

    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Catherine Eloreine 12 days ago

    Hi Daniel,

    I have been recently working on developing an unsealed road maintenance strategy for the council.

    The key element in prioritising and programming the unsealed road maintenance works is to know the actual condition of the road, our Asset Inspectors are continuously monitoring and measuring the roughness (International Roughness Index - IRI) and ride quality of our unsealed road network using vehicles equipped with roughness measuring devices. Eg: Roughometer developed by ARRB, RACAS etc.

    Further, we have classified the roads into Higher, Middle, and Lower Order Roads for the ease of prioritising based on the hierarchy and we are committing a level of service for each classification.

    Now with all the data from the inspections, we are fortnightly reviewing the road network to find the roads that meets the intervention level for grading based on the hierarchy (or order) to include in the program.

    Also, based on our available data we are projecting the average increase in IRI for different hierarchies of road, which will help us to forecast at what IRI the road will be approximately graded by the crew, if the IRI is too high we can resource it differently.

    We have recently adopted this methodology for the unsealed road maintenance and we have moved from a reactive to proactive maintenance methodology.

    This proactive maintenance methodology has ensured a better response to customers outlining when roads will be maintained as per the program and a more transparent response outlining how bad other roads are in IRI values. Also, it helps in providing a clear pathway for the depots.

    Please find more resources in the below link for unsealed road maintenance and material selection:

    Best Wishes,

    Zinin Ashraf

    Zinin Ashraf
    Civil Engineer (Network Planning)
    Whitsunday Regional Council