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Fleet Management Defects and Attributes

  • 1.  Fleet Management Defects and Attributes

    Posted 23-07-2021 12:40
    Looking to what others have done to manage plant and fleet assets within management system please.

    in particular looking for list of defects used

    Also looking for attributes used to manage these assets and user fields please.

    Work in underway to improve the asset management system for Plant and Fleet

     Current defect list...
    FLEET FC001 Accident/Insurance
    FLEET FC002 Body Damage
    FLEET FC003 Chassis or Frame
    FLEET FC004 Contamination
    FLEET FC005 Controls Panel Damage
    FLEET FC006 Cooling
    FLEET FC007 Debri Damage
    FLEET FC008 Delivery
    FLEET FC009 Diagnosis
    FLEET FC010 Differential or Axles
    FLEET FC011 Disposal
    FLEET FC012 Drive Belt Broken
    FLEET FC013 Driveline
    FLEET FC014 Electrical Fault
    FLEET FC015 Engine Fault
    FLEET FC016 Fatigue Damage
    FLEET FC017 Fire Damage
    FLEET FC018 Fuel
    FLEET FC019 Fuel Leaks
    FLEET FC020 Glass or Perspex
    FLEET FC021 Impact Damage
    FLEET FC022 Indicator Broken
    FLEET FC023 Lubricant
    FLEET FC024 Mechanical Fault
    FLEET FC9999 Minor Repairs
    FLEET FC025 Mirror Broken
    FLEET FC026 Oil Leaks
    FLEET FC027 Operator fault
    FLEET FC028 Overheating
    FLEET FC029 Poor Maintenance
    FLEET FC030 Recall
    FLEET FC031 Scheduled Service
    FLEET FC032 Seating
    FLEET FC033 Transmission
    FLEET FC034 Tyre Repair or Replacement
    FLEET FC035 Undercarriage
    FLEET FC036 Water Damage
    FLEET FC037 Water Leaks
    FLEET FC038 Wheels or Tyre
    FLEET FC039 Windscreen

    Gary Willocks
    Toowoomba Regional Council

  • 2.  RE: Fleet Management Defects and Attributes

    Posted 27-07-2021 12:12
    Hi Gary
    IPWEA FLEET have two resources that would be of assistance to you:
    - Fleet Maintenance Codes
    - Fleet Asset Classifications.
    As an IPWEA FLEET Subscriber you can access these by going to the Fleet Landing Page, logging in and clicking on the FLEET RESOURCES button.

    Rob Wilson
    Director IPWEA FLEET
    Melbourne Australia


  • 3.  RE: Fleet Management Defects and Attributes

    Posted 27-07-2021 16:33
    Excellent Rob thankyou for the guidance and yes this helps.

    garywillocksToowoomba Regional VILLAGE FAIR