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NAMS+ Short Course - A note from David Jenkins, CEO

  • 1.  NAMS+ Short Course - A note from David Jenkins, CEO

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    With many organisations and their staff still working from home, now is the opportunity to invest in training. Its important to keep up to date and so we are launching a specific NAMS+ training course with the major takeaway being writing and updating your organisation's Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans aligned to your organisation's financial Strategy.

    NAMS+ is a guided online pathway for Asset management Planning and assists more than 600 organisations to model and communicate their asset management data. We have continued to refine and develop the tool to meet your needs.

    NAMS+ is Based on the IIMM and aligned with ISO Standards, allowing you to build real-time models for your Asset Management Plan and much more. Take the opportunity to learn from experts and sign up today.

    Find out more about the NAMS+ Short Course here

    - David Jenkins, CEO IPWEA Australia

    Sarah Di Mento
    IPWEA Australasia
    Marketing manager
    North Sydney
    Pro Cert 2