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Plant Selection Criteria / Weightings

  • 1.  Plant Selection Criteria / Weightings

    Posted 27 May 2020 05:17
    ​Hi Gang,
    Hope you're all well.
    It's about that time to review our plant selection criteria weightings.
    Super keen to see how everyone else sets their weightings to assist selection / procurement.
    Assumption is that you all do something a little bit different from one another, particularly when it comes to light vehicles vs heavy vehicles vs yellow plant.

    Look forward to hearing form you all.


    Dan Hutton
    Fleet & Plant Coordinator
    City of Karratha
    0427 387 442

  • 2.  RE: Plant Selection Criteria / Weightings

    Posted 28 May 2020 01:04
    Edited by John-Paul Berry 28 May 2020 02:37
    Hey Dan,

    The scoring criteria we use when we go out to RFQ for large and heavy plant is as follows:

    Specifications 50%
    - Meets or exceeds specifications
    - Additional / Bonus options
    - Safety Features
    - Driver Comfort
    - Technology Features
    Maintenance and Services Support 30%
    - Service Details / Intervals
    - Warranty Period
    Supply of Goods 20%
    - Delivery schedule
    - Location of Asset
    - Deliver Date

    John-Paul Berry
    Fleet Management Officer
    City of Armadale


  • 3.  RE: Plant Selection Criteria / Weightings

    Posted 28 May 2020 02:12
    Hi Dan,

    Currently we use the following breakdown for our decision analysis:

    Whole of Life Costing - 50%
    Fit for Purpose / Operator Evaluation - 20%
    Safety and Environmental Features - 15%
    After-sales and Warranty Support - 10%
    Fleet Standardisation - 5%

    We use this for all yellow plant and heavy vehicles.

    We also have an in house maintenance department which is why we don't weight the maintenance support as high as others I have seen respond.

    Items such as delivery dates, warranties, specification conformity and operational requirements are all set in our tender documentation to ensure that these criteria are met prior to any evaluation. This allows us to focus more on the total life costing of the asset and assists to expedite the procurement process.

    Hope that helps


    Ryan Brumley
    Plant Fleet Officer
    City of Greater Geelong


  • 4.  RE: Plant Selection Criteria / Weightings

    Posted 28 May 2020 03:21
    Hi All
    An excellent discussion and great to read that a multi criteria approach is generally being applied. I just wanted to point out that the IPWEA FLEET Whole-of-Life Cost Calculator includes a Best Value Analysis function that you can use. The assessment criteria in the WOL Cost tool include:
    • Safety
    • Environment
    • Warranty, Service and Parts
    • Maintenance (serviceability)
    • Operational
    • Compliance with Specification
    • Other user defined criteria
    You can use all or any of the criteria and weightings are user defined.
    More info on the WOL Cost Calculator can be found here.
    A short introductory video is here

    Rob Wilson
    Director IPWEA FLEET
    Melbourne Australia


  • 5.  RE: Plant Selection Criteria / Weightings

    Posted 01 June 2020 01:35
    Hi Dan
    I use following on RFQ:
    After Sales / Warranty/ Delivery
    Parts Availability
    Parts Cost
     24% for above
    The Suitability of the product offered
    Mechanical Assessment
    Operator Assessment
    Environment  Efficiencies
    36% for above
    Price 40%

    Regards Glen