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  • 1.  Project Management Templates

    Posted 27-06-2017 12:14
    Hi All,

    looking for some feed back to assist in the development and refinement of Project Management Templates for Construction/Engineering.

    I have looked through many online Templates, all seem to define Information Technology really well but not quite what we are looking for.

    hoping this forum might throw up some suggestions or guidance.. hears hoping for some responses..


    Natalie Eisenhauer
    Engineering Officer
    Riverina Water County Council- Wagga Wagga

  • 2.  RE: Project Management Templates

    Posted 28-06-2017 19:35
    Hi Natalie

    In general the PMP or CMP relate directly to particular projects. However having said this there are general rules that you could apply. You can go to detail or keep light. Please find below some dot points for the PMP and CMP, to help you start with.
    • Introduction
      • Purpose of the plan - What the plan does or it's purpose. 
      • Associated plans  - reference these here
      • Relationship to the business systems - This PMP has been developed under Business System procedures, to meet the specific needs of this project. This PMP will supplement your business system by defining specific systems and procedures necessary to meet the specific requirements of this project.
      • Issue and control - remember it is a live document and needs to be reviewed to remain useful. Generally it is a guide to the project it supports how the project will run.
    •  Project Details - some of these can be grouped together
      • General project description - add any project-specific documents
      • Project Approach - describe the overall approach you will take to achieve the objectives outlined.
      • Contract Scope - scope of contract
      • Exclusions
      • Constraints 
      • Dependencies
      • Relationship to other projects 
      • Project objectives, targets and strategies
      • Project schedule
      • Milestones & dates Table
      • KPIs
    • Project Organisation and responsibilities
      • Organisational Chart
      • PDs and accountability - could be as per contractor, principal
    • Project management tools and process controls - what you will use to meet project objectives (could simply reference other plans here)
      • Quality management - Could reference the QA management plan  or add in here. 
      • Risks and opportunity management
      • OHSE - Health, environment and safety management - could reference a plan here for OHSE
      •   Resource management
      • Cost management
      •  Scope change management 
      • Procurement 
      • Project close out management
    • Document control 
    If you want to you can contact me directly and I have some multiple examples to share with you,
    Good luck

  • 3.  RE: Project Management Templates

    Posted 12-07-2017 16:18
    ​Hi Lee,
    Thanks for your response. I shall email you directly.


  • 4.  RE: Project Management Templates

    Posted 29-06-2017 09:20
    Hi Nathalie,
    I can understand that you don't find what you are looking for yet since you don't mention what you are looking for any answer would be like shooting with bugshot. So the likeliness of hitting the bulls-eye, to speak in Dart teminology, is nill.
    So please provide specific info about what you want, maybe in sample Excel report format (that always works best for sample purposes) so a specific answer can be provided.
    Google provides you with 19 Mio samples:
    project management templates free download - Google zoeken
    Google remove preview
    project management templates free download - Google zoeken
    In this article, you'll find the top project management Excel templates that you can download for free. We'll also go through the different types of templates and ...
    View this on Google >


  • 5.  RE: Project Management Templates

    Posted 12-07-2017 16:18

    Most PM templates, relate very well to information Technology, I was hope to find something a little closer to Engineering and Design..

    To be specific..

    we have selected the methodology of PMBoK, we have reviewed the structure in accordance with plans required (Communication, Risk, WBS, PBS, Budget etc).. we are looking for anything that has been created by an Engineering or Design person, to assist in our development of templates.

    Natalie E



  • 6.  RE: Project Management Templates

    Posted 14-07-2017 14:33
      |   view attached
    Have you had a look at the AUS-SPEC or NATSPEC work sections?
    Enclosed is a file attachment  for AUS-SPEC worksections.

    Chris Edwards
    AUS-SPEC Engineer
    0429 546 190


  • 7.  RE: Project Management Templates

    Posted 12-07-2017 16:18
    Hi Natalie,

    The Project Plans for Construction Projects could be cumbersome and time-consuming.
    I have had that experience. But have overcome the hurdle by developing them locally using our organisational process assets and other infrastructure.

    I could share my experience and tools to help you. But it is important to get an understanding of what sort of  Construction/Engineering projects the Project Management Templates should address. There is NO 'One Size Fits All template(s)' for Construction projects. Besides, there are numerous plans that must be developed and updated at various stages of the project. One must also have an understanding of the functional roles of other departments within the Council as their inputs are critical for these plans.

    You may drop me a mail at, and I shall get back to you during the business hours.


  • 8.  RE: Project Management Templates

    Posted 12-07-2017 16:18
    Hi Natalie,
    Not exactly sure what you are looking for.
     We train in Project management (PMBOK) in construction for civil and local government Students at certificate 4 and diploma Level.

    We have had to create all our own templates to minimise the effort by construction supervisors and maximise the real information we need.
    Sometimes it is simply quicker and more useful for everyone concerned to start from scratch and customise to what you really need only otherwise people can start avoiding following the system.


  • 9.  RE: Project Management Templates

    Posted 17-07-2017 14:10
    ​Hi Natalie,

    I've recently prepared a Project Management Framework for Wodonga and part of that process was also developing the templates that go with it. Part of my process was to see what others are doing and the Tasmanian State Government has a very well documented process (not sure if they still use it however). A quick google search of Tasmania Project Management Guidelines will get you where you need to go.

    I'm more than happy to share our framework with you if you are interested.


    Theo Panagopoulos
    Team Leader Projects and Design
    Wodonga City Council


  • 10.  RE: Project Management Templates

    Posted 18-07-2017 15:19
    ​Theo, you could chat with Wayne Eddy about including what you have developed on the web under a creative commons sharealike licence so that everyone can benefit?

    Frank Scheele
    Senior Engineer
    Kingaroy Qld